The rise of Swiggy & Zomato in international food tech market

The rise of Swiggy & Zomato in international food tech market
Kowsika SEO Analyst

Rise of Swiggy

Swiggy India based online food ordering and Delivery Company is hitting the news again for all right reasons. After acquiring Scootsy this month, this Bangalore based company is now eyeing on international food tech market. Source closed to the development team states that, The Company is very keen to take in food delivery services to international market by next fiscal. The swiggy management is focusing on UAE market.

Now swiggy is planning its vertical version since months, this move clearly a winner to grow horizontally with Zomato in Middle East & South Asian markets. Swiggy has followed Zomato to subscription route with swiggy super service. The food tech start up company offers free deliveries restaurants listed platform for small fee.

Rise of Zomato

In September 2012, Zomato expanded its international market from Dubai to Europe, Qatar, and North America and on. Zomato is also another profitable food tech company seeing its growth in all 24 countries it operates in. Zomato food Tech Company reported in top line of USD 74m and food ordering business comprised of 30% of Zomato’s revenue which was up from 18 % in FY17.

Zomato also offers treats with Zomato Gold, where in partner restaurant offers 1+1 food and 2+2 drink. Zomato clone concentrates on Main three regions of India, Middle East, and South East Asia. These regions are generating more millions of revenue they make in rest of regions and new businesses.

Reasons why food tech startups are successful

Apps penetration in urban cities

Low cost smart phone penetration and increasingly cheap internet plans helped people to adapt to new online food ordering services and apps.When food ordering company adds discounts and offers to further add value to the seal, people prefer ordering online rather visiting restaurants physically.

Different cuisines and great food ordering experience

The seamless experience of ordering food online when you are in workplace or home is very essential. From online payments to food order tracking, food ordering apps provide single platform to find and order food.With food from hyper local restaurants these food ordering platforms offers customers great option to order at their own convenience in comfort of their own space.


Table reservations through Zomato book and subscriptions such as Zomato Gold and Zomato treats are new ways to acquire customers engaged in platform. Zomato Book which was launched in 2016 became largest reservations players in India within month of its launch.


Swiggy answered back with swiggy access, a new program which focused on new hyper local kitchen spaces. The kitchen spaces are in plug and play model operating on commission sharing basis with its partner eateries.


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