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Client Requirement

Kuldeep Fast-food is a platform that connects users to the largest selection of restaurants in the region to order online and pay either by cash or card. The food ordering platform should offer a wide range of cuisines from the various restaurants across the region to the taste buds of customers. Kuldeep Fast-food platform regularly promotes restaurant offers and supports further with online and offline marketing such as advertising, social media marketing, and PR activities.

Kuldeep users have access to thousands of restaurants according to the user’s location & the restaurants in the area while filtering by cuisine, ratings, delivery time, minimum order value, payment options or restaurant name. Placed orders are sent to the restaurant’s POS machines, processed and then delivered to the customer’s address. The service is free or costs to users without any changes what they were mentioned.

What did we do?

  • Payment to Admin integration:

    In this Kuldeep system, the admin needs to get the entire order amount and admin need to transfer the item ordered amount to the particular restaurant vendor. The commission should transfer as a single payment and it should enable once the restaurant owner who delivered the particular item.

  • Payment gateway integration (COD, CC Avenue, mobile POS for card swiping)

  • Cuisine based commission

    While adding the cuisine admin need to set the cuisine amount (commission amount in percentage). If the cuisine amount (commission amount) greater than the item amount then it should need to show while adding the item to a restaurant.

  • Customer Wallet

    A customer can add his wallet balance by voluntarily. Customer needs to pay for wallet & need to add in his amount into wallet balance. The customer can use this wallet to buy an item. The customer can’t get back his wallet amount balance. Customer needs to purchase the item to use his wallet amount.

    Order cancellation or order rejection amount will reside in the wallet.


The admin should get details about daily order and transaction details in his dashboard.

  • Delivery report management:

    In the delivery, the report needs to show the entire delivery details it may order by offline or online.

  • QR Code generation:

    At the time of dispatch, the QR code should be generated in vendor’s panel and that will be scanned by delivery boy through his mobile app - then status should be updated as the order is dispatched to the customer and also to the admin.

  • OTP Verification

    When a delivery person delivers the food to the customer an OTP message is send to customer’s mobile number. Once the OTP verified by the system. Then the only status changed to delivered.


We deliver a user-friendly food ordering platform with excellent features. Anyone can order food from the restaurant within a few steps and admin can earn an immense profit.

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