Devastating effects of Coronavirus in the restaurant industry

Mar 18, 2020

Devastating effects of coronavirus in the restaurant industry - Shopurfood
Restaurant business vs Corona

The impact that COVID-19 has had globally in each and every business enterprise is quite depressing, the same goes in the food industry. COVID-19 has really turned the tables and economy worldwide is going downhill because of this very unprecedented epidemic.

Now is a time when people are quite hesitant to foray into unsafe zones. The unsafe zones here being the same places that we used to visit as part of our daily routine. With the entry of COVID-19 more and more people have developed an aversion to taking food from outside sources. People nowadays are not eager to eat from restaurants and other outlets due to this fear. This has had a negative effect on the total restaurant business.

"Restaurant table bookings and walk-ins were down 48% on weekends from the same time last year and were down over 20% since March 10, according to data from Open Table. In Washington, D.C., the decline was 55%, 57% in Los Angeles, 72% in San Francisco, and 69% in New York City."

The alarming drop down in the restaurant business can be easily understood by going through this graph.

Restaurant occupancy during covid-19

As the graph indicates, the drop in business can be reduced to a large extent by restaurant owners by using food delivery applications as it is a good alternative to dining out. Also Restaurant gift cards, reward points for future use can be utilized to improve business.

According to a study the diary supplies from Australia came to a shortage like never before due to this and Australian bushfire tragedy added more salt to the injury.

This is a time when people spend most of their time indoors due to the statement of precaution issued by governing bodies around the world.

This is done so to:

  • Reduce the spread of COVID-19 as it quickly transmits from person to person
  • Gathering means a lot of people at a single place which can lead to mutual interactions
  • Mutual interactions can lead to touches through handshakes and this can easily transmit the disease.

Gatherings at restaurants and the huge risk it poses

The gatherings at restaurants can be quite huge. A lot of people coming in and going out at different times can increase the chances of spreading COVID-19. People are aware of this danger and consciously making an effort to reduce their visits to restaurants.

There is no proper evidence for food being a causative agent of COVID-19 but due to the general fear regarding the illness people have also started believing in any piece of news.

But still as a result of fear the restaurant business is taking a toll. Third-party delivery apps are really making the restaurant business difficult in this situation. It is at this time that having an own online food delivery platform can really prove helpful to restaurant owners around the world. They can prefer to buy online food delivery software rather than going for any third-party delivery services. By this they can reduce the losses incurred at a testing time like this and save their business to a large extent.

Online take-aways are key to defeat this outbreak

Relying on a food ordering platform will reduce the risks of transmission connected with the COVID-19 as there is no need for you to physically go to a restaurant to take your food, and the chances of transmission are nil. Restaurant owners can maintain their business even if the number of walk-ins are very less.

Third party delivery services are minimal at this time and having your own food delivery app can really help boost business and serve customers in a better way. Customers can easily order food from the comfort of their homes, which will help in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by visits to restaurants which can be avoided.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that the delivery apps are helping restaurant owners to build a business in a better way. As this time is very important and people should act in a cautious way to get away from the perils of COVID- 19, getting services without actually having to physically go there and social distancing can really prove helpful to avoid these dangers that may arise due to the current situation.

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