Mobile app for restaurant ordering

A professional Food ordering mobile app development in Android and iOS makes the order process easier. Get ready to go with just one tap downloading.

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How does this app work?

Mobile app for food delivery Mobile ordering app for restaurants Restaurant rider app for food delivery

Customer app

Stay on top of the minds of your customers by giving a smart food ordering choice with the customer's app. The menu that adds simple to cart for placing orders, easy filter option, a variety of popular payment gateways creating intuitive mobile food ordering software. Give your customers a professional ordering experience with our exclusive customer’s app.

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Restaurant app

Eateries can satisfy the taste bud of its customers by using an extensive restaurant’s app. Instant notification received by the restaurants to know the new orders and prepare the food to reach the earliest. Easy menu management, order management, and stock management for timely updates about the stock availability in the restaurant.

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Rider app

The daily pickup and delivery task is made simple with our riders app. Our in-built navigation in Riders app will let the riders just key in the location of the eager customers finding the best routes and save time to reach customers without any lag. Riders can monitor their up-to-date earnings and commission single-handed with their riders app.

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A comprehensive mobile application
for restaurants

Launch your own food ordering and delivery app to enhance your business rapidly.

Delivery executive live tracking

Never let the customers miss out on any timely updates of their orders. Provide ultimate convenience of live tracking to the customers who use your mobile app for restaurant orderings.

Track the exact location of the delivery executives with live tracking options through the app.

Food delivery app with live tracking system
Online Payment feature for food ordering

Flexible payment methods

Since 35-45% of customers prefer online payment option, double the size in revenue as you grow with various online payment gateways integrated.

We enable and integrate widely accepted payment gateways in no time. Let your customers place successful orders with different payment options.

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App navigation

Give your delivery executives easy-to-follow app navigation to reach their delivery location on time.

Having a navigation feature along with your food ordering app will help the delivery executives to reach the restaurant location and the customer’s location back and forth without any trouble.

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App navigation for food delivery
Food delivery commission tracking

Commision tracking reports

The delivery executive can track the earnings and commissions for every order in the “My Earnings” section.

The overall commission earned, and any commission yet to receive will be displayed.

Instant push notification

Get the notifications quickly! The customers, riders and the restaurants will receive all order related notifications instantly on their mobile food ordering application.

Mobile food ordering app with push notification
Mobile app for with order status

Delivery order status

Riders can track the details about the orders delivered by them under the delivered orders section.

Payment mode used to place an order, order ID, delivered date, amount, will also be displayed.

Rider status availability

The rider can set their availability status (Active/Inactive) and avoid any bounce orders.

The availability of the riders will be shown to the delivery managers under the dashboard.

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rider app with delivery status

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