Cloud kitchen management system

Cloud kitchen ordering software

Manage all your cloud kitchen orders in one place. Impress your customers with on-time delivery, and earn their loyalty!

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Inventory Management for your Cloud Kitchens

Track your inventory management and update low stock orders in real-time. We ensure you will never run out of stock using our inventory management feature.

  • Manage inventory across multiple cloud kitchen

    A complete restaurant management for your inventory across multiple cloud kitchens using a single dashboard. Manage your inventory stock overflows across multiple kitchens hassle free.

  • Manage orders at one location

    Running multiple cloud kitchens along with third party aggregators can be challenging. With Shopurfood, you can manage all your orders efficiently and increase visibility at a single dashboard.

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Customer loyalty & retention

Customer loyalty is the in build marketing tools to upscale growth in delivery-only restaurants. Improve customer loyalty and increase sales that help to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Attract with loyalty points

    Retaining customers and making them come back for purchases is not easy. Reward your potential customers & build long term relationships with our loyalty points such as coupons, deals and promos.

  • Reviews and ratings

    Gaining customer trust is possible only with reliable ratings and reviews. Allow your customers to review restaurant items, order and delivery to deliver enriched experience.

cloud kitchen restaurant management

Send notifications directly from the website

The most trusted way to build a brand reputation is by engaging your customers directly. Using our ordering system, you can send push notifications to your customers instantly. Let your customers know limited deals, special menu, and seasonal offers before it ends to skyrocket your sales.

  • Push your updates through notifications

    Promote special discounts, and exciting offers in your restaurant to customers using push notification instantly. Connect with your customers in real time with our fantastic business tool.

  • Exclusive Gallery

    Showcase your special events, dining features, and staff in your gallery. This will entice customers to have a peek in your restaurant virtually and promotes your uniqueness.

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Run your business independently with cloud kitchen software

Using superfood’s online food ordering software businesses get a wide range of features and functionalities to manage their cloud kitchen.

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