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Shopurfood customer front end panel

  • Shopurfood is a Food Ordering Software for your business. Launch your successful on-demand food ordering and delivery business with Shopurfood. Customize our software according to your business prerequisite and connect with customers, restaurants with web, or mobile apps. Launch your online restaurant platform like famous Justeat, GrubHub, etc.
  • We understand, the requirements can be diverse for each business and this is why we offer a fully customizable solution and software. Shopurfood software is user-friendly, to help customers browse through the website without any troublesome experience.
  • This document will take you through the front end panel of the customers and how they can use the website. This document also contains all the information which a customer will use while placing an order until the order is delivered. The various icons in the website and their features, popular restaurants, tracking, etc are all explained further in the document in chronological order.
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customer view


  • By default, website will show the location city and country. You can click on the edit icon to change the location or use the current location using GPS as shown below. Number 1 - Current location using GPS, Number 2 - Type the address.
my location

Log in/sign up

  • If the customer is an existing customer, they can log in using the options they choose at the time of sign up.
  • Note - There is also an option of Forgot password and to reset the password.
  • Whereas a new customer has to sign up by selecting “Create your Shopurfood Account.
  • Fill up the details or use social media accounts like Facebook or Google+ for signup.
user login

Search restaurants

  • Manually search for restaurants in ‘search for restaurant’ bar.


  • Under Profile section displays customer’s profile picture, customer’s name, customer phone number (which will be used as a medium of communication if need be), an alternative mobile number (optional), customer email address for sending any newsletters, etc. the profile section also has a map where a customer’s location can be seen.
customer profile

Shipping address

  • Update the shipping address by using the pin in maps or manually type the address and your location will be shown in maps.


  • Customer can mark their favorite restaurants’ item/items they wish to order in the future. The wishlist will also show if an item is in stock or out of stock, the unit price of the item. Click on View details to increase quantity, for a detailed description of the item, reviews or remove option if a customer wants to delete the item from wishlist.
wishlist view

My orders

  • Click on My Order to check the detailed list of previously ordered items and new orders. The order number, date when the order was placed, order total, and the payment method COD - Cash on Delivery, Pay - Paypal will be shown. Order can be cancelled only before the restaurant accepts the order or only if the restaurant allows cancellation. Once the restaurant accepts the order, it cannot be cancelled. Track order to see the current status of the order shown below:
  • The order status will also show the restaurant details, details of the delivery executive once the order is assigned to the delivery person. Click on View invoice to see the detailed invoice of the order. When a customer wants to order the same item, one can simply click on reorder.
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order details

Change password

  • Change password any time by selecting the change password option. In order to change the password, customer needs to enter the old password first following a new password.

Payment settings

  • The three payment types allowed online are - Stripe, Paypal, Net Banking and one offline payment - Cash on Delivery. For making an online payment, fill in the details by selecting Publish.

My wallet

  • Wallet amount will be added when a customer (referrer) refers to his friends/family. The amount will be added to the wallet once the referred person places an order. Check the referred person’s email id, offer percentage allowed and the amount added.
customer options

My reviews

  • Customers can view the reviews given by them for the restaurants, items, and orders. If reviews approved/disapproved can also be seen.

My rewards

  • For every $1 purchased by the customers, they can earn 1.00 points. When the total points are 10.00, the admin will offer the customer with some reward.

My offers

  • Any promo codes which the customers are eligible will be displayed in the Offers section along with the status and the expiration date of the offers.
restaurants search

Food category

  • Scroll down to see the restaurants and food category to order an item. Click on view all to see listed restaurants.
  • Filter your search according to options of Top Offers, Delivery Time, Ratings.
restaurant categories

Self pick up - YES/NO

  • Customer has an option to choose self pick up from restaurant if selected YES. If the customer wants the order to be delivered at their doorstep, select NO for self pickup.
  • At the bottom of the page, select the convenient payment option - Cash on Delivery, Stripe, Paypal and click on Continue . Once you click on continue, the order will be placed and the restaurant will be notified about the order.
shipping address

About us

  • A little bit about your website, the year it was started, etc.

Privacy & policy

  • In this page you can display the rules and information concerned with your website that one should follow and the policy regarding cancellation, refund, etc will be explained in this page.

Contact us

  • Customers will need to send a contact form in order to send any message, which will reach the admin.

FAQ or help

  • The common doubts which a customer can get should be explained here under FAQ, to help the customer with their query. FAQs related to refund, payments, delivery, etc will be very much helpful.

Terms of use

  • Terms of use explain about what the website will retrieve and what won’t be shown outside the website and all the other statements.


  • Give the details of job openings and vacancies with the company with job description and requirements.

Join our newsletter

  • Customers can subscribe to the newsletter, if they wish to keep up to date about the website and to get communicated on new offers, new restaurants added, etc. Newsletters contain one main topics of interest which will be sent to the newsletter subscribers over mail on a regular basis.
newsletter subscription

Join the company

  • Anyone who wishes to get connected as a restaurant in the website or become a delivery person, they can connect with admin by filling up the details and show their interest. The admin will contact through the details submitted.
join our company

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