Casual dining with restaurant delivery system

casual dining restaurant software

Shopurfood for Restaurants is a web-based, easy-to-use software that works together to help you save time, run your business, and connect with customers.

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Restaurant order taking system

Help your restaurant dining with online ordering

Receive more orders on your restaurant website or mobile app with no extra charges. You can take self serve ordering, curbside pickup, or delivery with our flexible management software.

  • Simple menu selection

    With our signature menu customizations, you can add or remove menu items easily. Allow your customers to access everything you have using our prebuilt menu management solution.

  • Customer fulfillment

    No need to worry about customer fulfillment anymore, integrate a seamless online ordering interface. Steer up your process and build your online reputation with our on-demand software.

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Casual dining restaurant management

Accept your payments with little more safe

Go cashless and provide multiple digital payment options to gain an on-premise guest experience. Enable cashless payment solutions to serve more customers and get high profits.

  • Easy & quick integration

    Take more orders in less time by integrating digital payment options seamlessly. With so many payment gateways, allow your customers to pay as they want.

  • Monitor seamlessly

    Employ a restaurant management software to manage and track your inventory in real-time. Check the stocks available and reorder in the right time using our single dashboard.

Casual dining online ordering

Optimize your restaurant operations

Shopurfood provides an automated real-time inventory update and helps restaurants to maintain stock data and orders information. Whenever an order is received and accepted, our software automatically deducts the data used.

  • Automotive inventory management

    Handle the rush and manage your restaurant operations with our automotive inventory management solution. Access information from the inventory system directly from your website in real-time.

  • Instant-access to data with analytics

    Our system helps restaurants with real-time data analysis and provides reliable information that you want. Receive constructive suggestions and stay updated with every piece of information to improve customer satisfaction.

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Increase the efficiency with restaurant delivery software

Shopurfood provides great whitelabel food delivery software to cover all your needs. Our next generation solutions enable online ordering hassle free.

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