Cafe ordering system

Cafe ordering system

An online ordering system that helps restaurants to manage their business effortlessly. Start your own cafe ordering system and skyrocket your revenue today!

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f&b ordering system

Get orders for beverages fast & deliver hassle-free

Taking online orders fast and efficient is the powerful key to drive more conversions

  • Easy & Fast Navigation

    We give super easy & robust navigation options which make a smooth customer experience and increase your productivity.

  • Manage menu items

    You can add, edit, manage or remove menu items, product listings, and button sheets independently using our software exclusively built for Cafe.

  • Mobile Ordering

    We provide a highly responsive and mobile friendly experience for your cafe. Which can automatically adjust different aspects like images, layout, font size, and menu navigation according to screen resolution.

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Cafe mobile app for online ordering / Mobile ordering app for coffee shop

Get Android & iOS application for you cafe

Receive and accept online orders from your site directly on a smartphone or tablet. Make easy order confirmation and reach your customers in real-time

  • Contactless payment

    Turn to a cashless model to overcome this new normal! Now your customers can make digital payments using platforms like Paypal, Stripe, Credit/debit cards, etc.

  • Mobile friendly menus

    Your cafe menu will get formatted to mobile users automatically. If you’re offering multiple menus, this saves your screen space and helps customers to view menus in categories.

  • On touch coupons

    With just a single tap, your customers can access all the available coupons directly from the website. Our intention is to provide an effortless order confirmation process for both clients and their customers.

interactive ordering system for cafe

Shopurfood admin panel has everything you need

Shopurfood’s admin panel allows you to manage the online ordering platform completely. Easily monitor and track all your menu items, customer info and delivery details at one place.

  • Drive more revenue

    Our cafe delivery software allows you to manage categories, menu items, coupons, and daily offers to entice more customers and maximize revenue.

  • Say goodbye to commissions

    Get real-time insights on commissions reports so you do not have to stress over managing flexible sales. The dashboard provides you with order details, commissions, and sales reports.

  • Manage everything from one place

    Get complete control over your entire restaurant business from ordering to delivery to restaurant owners all using one system.

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Thrive your business with café ordering software

Our comprehensive cafe ordering software allows you to manage orders, delivery, and transactions efficiently. Stay peaceful from hideous tasks!

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