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  • Overview about the total customers, merchants, restaurants, restaurant items, delivery members, the total number of orders total number of successful delivery, all shown in numbers.
  • Orders graph for each month and the upscale/downscale.
  • Details of customers and merchants, their status. A detailed overview of customer management.
Explore admin dashboard features
admin dashboard

General settings

  • Include the information about how you want the site to be displayed.
  • Site name, contact Email, contact phone, description of the site, Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords for your website visibility.
  • Footer text & footer description: footer text, footer description, footer image to display in the bottom of the site page.
  • Self pickup: Customers can pick up the orders directly from the restaurants if admin enabled the option
  • Option to show stock availability, set the delivery range for the delivery executives when delivering orders.
  • Abandoned cart mail status: At times customers can come out of the site, without placing an order. Enable/Disable the mail notification to a customer in such case.
  • Send mail after: Notify the customers about the orders in the cart by setting a particular time after which the customer will be notified via email.
  • Enable/Disable the option for the customers to refer their friends. Offer percentage on referring friends.
  • Featured restaurants: Restaurants will need to pay a certain amount for getting as featured restaurants. Fix the amount to be paid by the restaurants to be shown as featured restaurants.
  • Set commissions for the merchants who are registered with the site.
footer settings

SMPT settings

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
  • Server is used when an email needs to be sent from one mail domain to another domain. Example: Mail from Gmail to yahoo or outlook, etc.

Social media settings

  • Set the various social media ID of the site. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn page URL.
  • Update the different link/URL for the main site, merchant link, and delivery person app.
  • Important to update the analytics code for you to track online campaigns, through which channel people are visiting the sites more, identification of the worst performing pages, etc.

Image settings

  • Choose and upload the unique Home logo of the website, Admin logo.
  • Favicon image to have a better user interface perspective and branding point of view as part of the web.

No image settings

  • No image settings are used, in case there is an error in the images displayed over the website. Instead of an error shown in the place of an image, this no image uploaded will be displayed.
  • Set the images for banner, restaurant, logo, etc in advance.

Payment settings

  • Set the payment methods allowed to the customers. Enable/Disable each payment option
  • Enable or Disable the option of cash on delivery.
payment settings

Manage banner

  • Click on Add Banner for adding Banner Images.
  • Choose Edit option to edit the existing banner images for your website.
  • Click to block/unblock any banner.
  • More than one banner image will be displayed in slide image order in the end user site.
manage banner

Manage advertisement

  • Advertise anything on your website in the Manage Advertisement.
  • Give a suitable title for your advertisement, description, an advertisement image.

Add sub-admin

  • Update the details of sub admin by adding their name, email, mobile no, password.
  • Choose the privileges what admin wants to give the sub admin.
  • Admin can give sub admin the authorization to either view, add, edit or delete any category and updates.
add subadmin

Manage sub-admin

  • View the sub admins added and block/unblock or permanently remove a sub admin.
  • Symbol shows if something is blocked
  • Options to view the sub admin, their last log out date and time, the IP address of the last login.
  • Edit the privileges given for the particular sub admin.

Manage restaurant category (cuisine)

  • List the cuisines you want to have on your website.
  • Restaurants can use the cuisines and add cuisine to their list if they are serving the cuisine.
  • Once any restaurant uses the cuisine category, blocking the cuisine will also block the restaurant items under the cuisine category and will not be shown.
  • Click on Edit the cuisine category to change the image, category name, icon.
  • Once clicking the edit icon, you can see the edit options for the particular category.
  • Use the import option and download the sample document. Fill up the columns in the downloaded excel file and rename the file. Upload the document after adding the details. The items will be added and displayed in manage items. (only CSV format allowed).
  • In order to delete any cuisine category, if any restaurants have mentioned in their category list, the admin will need to first delete the restaurant before deleting the category.
  • Option to also download the list if need be.
edit restaurant category

Manage item category

  • Just like the cuisine category, manage the item category of the restaurants.
  • Displays which item category was added by the merchant and admin.
  • Manage sub category , by either editing the items or by adding any additional items.
  • Options to block/unblock/delete the category or subcategory.
  • Use the import option if want to add item category in bulk.
manage item category

Manage choices

  • Manage the choices provided by editing the name, deleting a particular choice, or block choices temporarily which are not available in any restaurants.

Add restaurant owner

  • Add a restaurant owner by filling the important details - name, email, mobile no, commission for the restaurant owner, Id proof and restaurant license.
  • Update the payment details which is accepted by the restaurant.

Manage restaurant owner

  • Admin can add and manage the restaurant owners, whereas the merchant can only manage their own restaurant actions.
  • Click on to unblock any restaurant owner. Edit icon if admin wants to make any changes to the restaurant owner details.
manage restaurant owner

Add restaurant

  • For adding a restaurant, select the merchant first, category, restaurant name, minimum order amount. Less than that order will not be accepted.
  • Allow/disallow the pre-order option availability in restaurant. When pre-order option is allowed, customers can order in advance and the delivery will be made at the particular time and date which the customer has set.
  • Set delivery time for orders to reach the customers.
  • A brief description of the restaurant, restaurant address, set the maximum delivery range. Orders cannot be delivered over the delivery range limit.
  • Upload restaurant logo, restaurant banner, working hours of the restaurant.

Manage restaurant

  • Use Edit icon for editing any restaurant information, / block/unblock the restaurants, permanently delete any restaurant.

Add customer

  • Add existing customers when there is any change in the platform where one might lose their existing customers.
  • Instead of waiting for customers to again sign in by themselves, add customers and the customers will be notified about it via email/messages (as per admin’s preference).
  • Add customers by filling details about the name, email id, phone number, customer address, profile image.

Manage customer

  • Information about the customer's - name, email address, method of sign in, status (active/inactive).
  • Added By - Normal (customer sign in the app using their email id), Google (sign in via google), Facebook (Sign in via Facebook credentials)
  • Edit information about the customers, block/unblock.
manage customer

Add item

  • Before adding an item, select the restaurant, category, item code, content about the item, number of item quantity, price, discount (if any), description about the item.
  • Add additional information by either enabling/disabling the choices the restaurant has, any special instructions customers can give and item image.
  • When choices are enabled, admin can see the list of choices and can select particular choice allowed.
manage choices

Manage item

  • All the listen of items will appear under manage items. Admin can edit, block/unblock or delete the items from the list.
  • The Restaurant name, code, availability of stock can be managed in the manage item option.
  • Under Actions column, clicking on will take you to the page for editing the existing details about the item.
  • To delete an item, use icon.
  • Admin can also unblock an item which is previously blocked.
manage item

Item bulk upload

  • Add the items in bulk easily by downloading the sample document and fill up the columns. Upload the document after adding the bulk items. The items will be added and displayed in manage items.
item bulk upload

Add delivery manager

  • Add a delivery manager who will be responsible to carry out all the issues and functions related to delivery.
  • Add the details of the delivery manager - Name, email Id, password, phone number, profile photo.

Manage delivery manager

  • Manage the delivery managers by editing their details, delete or block/unblock / any particular delivery manager

Add delivery executive

  • Response time – Set a particular time limit for a delivery executive to either accept or reject the order.
  • Base fare – Minimum fare amount for the delivery executives or just give commission by setting base fare as 0.00.
  • Fare type – Fare type denotes how a delivery executive will get his fare - on the basis of per kilometer or on the basis of per minute from the time he picked up an order.
  • Per kilometer/minute charge – Set per charge kilometer/minutes amount which will be earned by the delivery person.
  • Number of order limit – The maximum number of orders per day that a delivery person is authorized to deliver.

Manage delivery executive

  • Manage the delivery executives by editing their details.
  • Block certain delivery executives temporarily or delete the delivery executives permanently.


  • Content management system (CMS) - Include shortcut pages which are the additional pages for the websites, like careers, Blog, privacy & policy, etc.
content management system

Manage CMS

  • Manage the contents to be displayed on the website by either editing or deleting.
manage cms


  • Having frequently asked questions will help the customers in better understanding of the websites and the process.
  • Give the question and answer for it. The FAQ’s will appear in the pre-footer along with CMS.

Manage FAQ

  • Options to block certain FAQ’s for temporary or delete it permanently.
  • Also, options to edit the existing FAQ’s.

Manage item review

  • Item reviews by the customers can be managed by the Admin.
  • Options to approve, disapprove or delete the unwanted reviews.
  • The current status of the item is disapproved. To approve it, click on Disapprove
manage item review

Manage restaurant review

  • Customers can give reviews specifically for the restaurants which can be managed here by admin.
  • Admin can view , approve, disapprove, or delete the restaurant reviews.
  • Once the admin clicks on the view icon, review ratings and comments can be seen.
view review

Manage order review

  • Customers are eligible to give reviews on particular order too.
  • Manage order reviews of the customers by approving, disapproving or deleting the reviews.
  • Once the review is approved, it will appear on the website, for a particular restaurant.

Manage subscriber

  • subscribe/unsubscribe / particular customer or delete the customer from the newsletter subscribers.

Send newsletter

  • Choose a particular user you want to send the email or send an email to all the users.
  • Send email only to the subscriber.
  • Give the subject of the email and the message to be sent as newsletters.

Customer order management

  • View all the orders placed under customer order management. Check the payment status and invoice details by clicking View.
  • Track the order to know the restaurant, delivery status and the details of the delivery executive.
invoice details

Merchant commission tracking

  • Check the total amount the merchants earned and the total commission earned by the merchant, track the amount of cancelled orders.
  • Track the commission paid to the merchant and the commission yet to be paid.
  • Check the total amount the merchant earned and the total commission earned by the merchant, track the amount of canceled orders.
commission track

Delivery person commission tracking

  • Track everything related to the commission for the delivery executive.
  • Commission to be paid and received by the delivery executives.
  • Overall orders, amount of total order by the particular delivery executive.
delivery executive commission track

Stock management

  • Search any stock/item either by item name or code. Click Add quantity to any item and an pop-up will appear, and the number of sold quantity.
  • The displayed restaurant name, merchant name of the items.
  • Download list option if need be.
add stock

Cancellation payment

  • Overview of the orders which are cancelled. Amount of the cancelled orders, any balance amount to be paid by the customers. Since the amount will be zero in case of COD, the balance amount to pay will be COD.

Refer friend report

  • Referrer email - The existing customers who refer to their friends/family.
  • Referral email - Email of the new customer i.e the referred friends/family by the existing customer.
  • Wallet amount - Amount will be added to both the referrer and the referral once the purchase is made by the referral.
refer friend report

Manage featured restaurant

  • Check the restaurants which want to be displayed as a featured restaurant.
  • Amount paid for the dates to be shown as a featured restaurant.
  • To approve a review, click on Disapprove ,if already disapproved. Only after the admin approves, the restaurant will be displayed on the website as a featured restaurant.
approve featured restaurant

Failed order management

  • Failed orders are the ones which are rejected by the delivery person.
  • View reason for rejecting an order, restaurant name, order amount and the delivery executive who rejected the order.

Delivery executive map

  • Locate a delivery executive in a map by entering either the mobile number or the name of the delivery executive.
delivery executive location


  • Reports generated automatically to find the detailed reports on the following:
  • Overall order report
  • Restaurant earning report
  • Merchant transaction report
  • Delivery person transaction report
  • Consolidate report
  • Click on each Report and Download the reports to check the details.
overall reports

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