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  • When the delivery manager assigns the order to the delivery executive, they will get a notification. A delivery executive needs to login to his app in order to check the notification and either accept/reject the order.
  • Processing orders display those orders which are accepted by the delivery person and are in the queue.
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delivery executive login

Change status

  • Once the order is accepted and the delivery person reaches the restaurant, and after the order is picked up, he will change the order status as “Started”. On reaching the doorstep of the customer, he will change the order status as “Arrived”.
status change


  • Before the delivery person completes the order delivery, he needs to enter the OTP which the customer receives on his mobile/SMS. On entering the OTP, tracking will be changed as “Delivered”.
  • After OTP is entered and the order tracking is changed to Delivered, the customer will receive the notification as “Enjoy your Food”.
otp verification

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