Web ordering system for restaurant business

Stand out from paying expensive commissions and start taking online food orders from your website. Discover the different features of our restaurant online ordering software.

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pre-order re-order self pickup

Flexible food ordering

  • Pre-order

    Dodge a hurry burry confused ordering with advance ordering option by scheduling deliveries to save time.

  • Easy re-ordering

    Like something from the previous order? Re-order the same items from the order history page.

  • Flexible self-pickup

    Give customers the preference of self-pickup orders directly from the restaurants and avoid any delivery option.

Simple online ordering system

Present your customers with ease of choice and flexibility while using your food ordering website.

Payment option

Double the size in revenue as you grow with various online payment gateways integrated that are preferred by 35-45% of customers.

Multiple restaurant checkout

Taste gourmet of many restaurants under a single order with a multi-store checkout option.

payment option multiple restaurant checkout
go social make wishlist reviews ratings

Engage & retain

Let the customers enjoy their freedom of options which you provide them in your restaurant ordering website.

  • Go social

    Easy user-friendly login to the account with the social media logins and page sharing to social media.

  • Make your wishlist

    Ordering is made simple with the help of the “wishlist” where customers can add their favorite restaurants and the food items to the wishlist.

  • Reviews and ratings

    Give your customers an enriched experience by having an option to review the restaurants, items, orders, and delivery.

Enjoy the toppings

  • Wallet

    Keep away from payment options by placing orders directly from the wallet money

  • Marketing and loyalty

    Build long-term loyalty and retain customers by rewarding your best customers with unlimited food deals, coupons, and promos.

  • Optimized sort and search

    Food ordering made simple and easy by various filter options based on customer’s preferences.

wallet marketing loyalty optimized search
order tracking order history

Smooth control

Attract customers with these extra vital features of our restaurant online ordering system.

  • Order tracking

    Timely notification about the status of the order and tracking orders through map navigation with restaurant ordering software.

  • Order history

    Under the orders history page, customers can check all their previous food orders, including both failed and successful orders along with the invoice.