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Common challenges

One of the common challenges startup faces is in providing differentiation to the brand, which shouldn't be copied by the competitors. One of the ways of differentiating one's brand with other competitors is by promotion and pricing activities. Yet, this is never enough since the strategy can be used by the other competitors as well.

The main challenge comes not just from the competitors but also by considering various angels to take a deep look from the user’s perspective of using the food delivery software. Taking the user’s perspective, another challenge that the companies face is the uncertainty in the reality of the delivery process which is the actual reason that frustrates a customer.

Keeping the several challenges in mind that our client may face, we gave solutions in our software that are readymade in the client’s software.


The solution provided by Shopurfood for Food Ranger with customizable solutions are:

  • Live order progress page

    Inaccurate delivery time and poor navigation are one of the main reasons for the failure of most online food businesses. A live delivery map and the status will keep the users updated about their orders. With the live order status page and the delivery application, customers can easily keep track of the delivery executive’s arrival status in real-time. Similarly, the delivery executive can track the customer’s location and not hover around by wasting their time. The customer will also get notifications about the contact details of the delivery executives and the delivery executives also get notified about the customer’s address and phone number to contact the customers at any point in time to reach the address and make quick delivery.

  • Mobile responsiveness

    Mobile responsive software design will help to not miss out on any of the customers whose preference in using the software may differ. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device customers are opening, and reading it on. With the responsive software, the layout and the content responds and adapts the size based on the size of the screen. Either in a PC or mobile device, the code automatically optimizes the specific viewing device.

  • Cancel orders

    Most of the time, the customers while just trying to know more about the coupons and deals end up placing the orders accidentally. To help customers with such issues, a dedicated button for the customers to cancel the orders directly without any trouble is implemented in software. The cancel order feature allows the customers to cancel or edit the orders under some conditions, for instance, to add the quantity or an item or delay in the order.


With many companies entering into the nascent stage of development in the industry, the competition is increasing daily in both the domestic as well as multinational. This is the right time for the businesses to enter the food industry without any further delay and we helped Food Ranger to enter this business smoothly. The Several inbuilt applications in Shopurfood like super admin panel, restaurant panel, customer app, delivery app, helped Food Ranger managing all the restaurant process of all their branches on the single platform efficiently.

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About company

Food Ranger is a fully integrated online food ordering software that is new to its business operation. Along with millennials gradually shift the global demographics, having food delivered at home is a growing appetite in the dining industry, and due to this increase, Food Ranger wanted to start its own food delivery software. The right platform for the Food ranger was Shopurfood.

Industry :Food & Beverage