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Common challenges

Online food ordering satisfies the needs of busy individuals who place their orders online and receive delivery within a few minutes. Starting a SaaS business is a formidable task. With the client’s requirement to make a SaaS model from the food delivery software needed extensive conversion in Shopurfood. The challenge was not just making the SaaS model, but also to make it unique from the competitors to stand out from the rest of the competitors.

We made research in building customer’s online trust to place orders and our solutions provided to the client were not just based on the perspective of the competitors but also taking the viewpoint of the users. The software we provided is readymade for the client’s use which is effective, efficient and quality software to operate.


While giving our solution to Emran eats, along with different themes and templates, we tested the products and its functionality thoroughly with customizable solutions which are:

  • Zone-based delivery

    The functionality of the zone-based delivery allows setting fixed location delivery set up on the map, where the food delivery is permitted. Both the admin or and the restaurant can cover the radius using various shapes and mark the areas on the map. Once the different radius is covered, the delivery will be carried only within those areas and locations. The zone-based delivery can be set to all the restaurants individually. This helps in managing delivery efficiently without any time lag.

  • Menu setup

    Restaurants and Admin both can add the menu list. In the menu setup, the additional choices which the restaurants provide will be present by default to the customers. The customers can either proceed with the checkout or turn off the option of additional choice before check out. Instead of adding each additional choice, the restaurants can just drag and drop the choices to be added to their items.

  • Group order

    One of our interesting and unique solutions is “Group order”. Group orders will be useful to the customers who are organizing a party, any team gatherings, events, etc. Instead of just the organizer choosing the food items for all the customers, they can just send the link and invite the other members to choose their favorite food. Once the members choose their preferred food items, the organizer will be notified, who will be the person for the final checkout and place orders.


With the competition in the industry is developing at an alarming speed daily, we help our clients to achieve their dreams by providing unique solutions and stand on top of the competitors.

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About company

The SaaS (Software as a Service) industry is a new phenomenon that has created a new segment of business by catering to a real need increasingly evident is not new to the country and especially the cities. Emran eats is a food ordering software based out of the SaaS model where applying the SaaS model in the food delivery software was possible through our product Shopurfood.

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