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Every business requires a customizable software based on how different their business is from the rest of other competitors. Especially when the business deals with food, it is very important to have unique attributes to stand out from the rest of the competitive businesses.

The client’s requirement was to make his online food ordering platform unique from the rest of the other businesses in running with major modification in Shopurfood. The platform should be available in all the Android and iOS mobile app.


Shopurfood provided a unified platform with many minor and a few major changes in the software.

  • The QR code scan

    Anyone who wants to make the delivery of the orders can make the scan of the QR code on the orders and pick up the order for delivery. The generation of a QR code is automatic as soon as the restaurant accepts the order. Once the QR code is scanned, the status will be changed to order dispatched.

  • Cavenue payment

    Existing Shopurfood software doesn't have a payment option of Wallet. The modification was made in the payment options where the users can have the privilege of paying for the orders through the wallet amount. Users need to add wallet amount through the CCavenue. There is no commission charged for adding the wallet amount.

  • Cuisine based Commission

    Generally, the admin charges his commission based on the number of orders made. But with few specifications, changes were made for the admin to get a commission based on cuisine types. Each cuisine has a different commission that a user selects.


A lot of technical changes and manpower efforts were processed during the changes. But the client’s gratification is important which we live up to the mark.

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About Company

Hangry Menu a new online delivery and ordering platform which will connect users in the large selection with limitless restaurants to pay for the orders either through cash or card. Shopurfood which is an online food ordering and delivery script helps the businesses and restaurants to launch their online food delivery and ordering business. Shopurfood has a customizable option to create your own business.

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