How Shopurfood serve various business verticals in the food industry

Dec 05, 2019

How Shopurfood serve various business verticals in the food industry?
Shopurfood serve for food industry

Every business aims at making its online food ordering platform unique from the rest. No matter what business you are dealing with, a food delivery platform helps you with customized solutions.

Some of the industry verticals our platform serves are Restaurants, Cafeterias, Cuisine, etc. We already did customization and our food delivery system has helped clients to transform their businesses along with improved efficiency.

Some of the platforms we did customizations for are ziingo, itsmetakeaway, youreats, foodranger, emraneats, Hangrymenu, etc..To know more in detail about our growth resources, check our case studies.

The state of the restaurant industry today

Trends are always on the horizon and the most restaurant seeks out ways to stay ahead of the competition.

The way we dine out is changing

The most popular way for consumers to decide where to dine is based on suggestions from family/ friends. So, word of mouth marketing is significant for your restaurant's growth. Whether you are creating food presentations or making sure you are delivering the best experience possible, you want to ensure that you have a strong branding and a good online space.

The way we eat/ what we eat is changing

The previous years have witnessed a rapid shift in food trends. Restaurants also have adopted these changes for gaining potential customers and earning revenue. With so much variety in dining trends, menu updates became necessary. You can update more frequently and try out different trends accordingly.

The way we promote our business is changing

To keep up the demand for social media engagement, restaurants are making the best use of branding. The results of 2019 showed that more restaurants are dedicated to marketing due to the increasing importance of brand awareness and social presence. Thus, giving out more offers and discounts was an easy and effective way to scale up the food business.

The way we run our business is changing

It's important to be aware of what users are looking for when it comes to technology, as this can change the entire experience of dining at your restaurant. According to the recent survey, operational issues and food costs were the greatest obstacle restaurants faced in 2019. Adopting new methods to make a successful restaurant business has lead to the thought of adopting food ordering and delivery solutions.

How Shopurfood enables to conquer the food business challenges

Real-time tracking

Getting real-time notifications will help both the restaurateurs and customers to receive on-time updates regarding the orders.

Flexible ordering

Both web and mobile ordering turn out to be simple for customers. Give them the convenience of placing orders from both the website and mobile application.

Delivery order status

Timely notification about the status of the orders and tracking orders through the map navigation will help to know the order status.

Powerful reporting

Download and generate various site reports to get in-depth details. Analyse the reports and measure the performance.

Smooth control

Control and gain customers with extra vital features of our food ordering system.

Optimized sort and search

Ordering is made easy and simple by various filter options based on customer's preferences.


The first step in making your business is by addressing the challenges you are up against. You can then access the most strategy of implementing them to make your business successful. To remain competitive in the digital market you should scale up your restaurant business. To stand with the emerging industry trends, choosing the right platform for your food business can be a wise choice.

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