Customer Order Management

Admin can track the status of orders followed as: New, Confirmed, Order, Picked up, Delivered, Denied and Cancelled. Admin can manually search order by entering order id.

Admin Dashboard

Dedicated admin dashboard for managing entire food ordering platform operations.

Merchant Management

Admin can view, add or edit merchant with unique or common commission settings.

Restaurants Management

Admin can view, add or edit restaurants.

Commission Tracking for (Merchant) - Individual Earnings

Admin can view individual earnings of restaurant’s merchant.

Category Management

Admin can manage and add new Category for restaurant category and Item Category

Customer Management

Admin can add or delete and track of user details in the food ordering platform. Admin can do promotional activities such as sending email newsletter to by using user details.

Item Management

Admin can define multiple categories for restaurant item listings. User can filter the restaurants based on the listed categories.

Sub Admin

Admin can create sub admins to handle delivery. Admin can restrict access to different modules for sub admins in admin panel.

Secured Payment Gateway

User can pay in their convenient payment modes such as Stripe,PayPal,COD options set by admin.


Admin / Merchant can give specific discount value offers for food orders to customers.

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