The web ordering of Shopurfood contains various panels designed specifically according to the usage of different users of the software. Discover the different panels that come with web orders when you choose our software - Shopurfood.

How it works
online ordering system for restaurants

Web Ordering

Websites are a powerful marketing tool that supports your business and brand. All the users can make use of their specified websites to process the orders in an efficient and simple procedure independently.

Convenience to the customers in placing orders from the website without having trouble for downloading a mobile application.

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Mobile Ordering

Ordering will turn out to be simple for the foodies with our mobile application. Don’t miss out on any of your customers by providing users an aesthetic and professional mobile application.

Customizable structure to make the process of orders effective and efficient from the time the customer opens the app until the order reaches the doorstep of customers.

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Mobile food ordering app for restaurants
Restaurant mangement dashboard

Admin Dashboard

The exclusive power of managing all the panels and the site goes with the admin who will consciously make decisions and face the consequences.

To manage the overall site, the admin has control and authority over all the functions under one panel. This lets the admin manage not just the site but also the delivery manager, restaurants, and delivery executives.

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Social Ordering

How cool it would be if you give the customers a privilege to order from the place they spend most of their time? Turn the people who visit the social pages of your website to place orders from their facebook page easily without having to either download the app or to browse through the website.

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Facebook food ordering system