9 Mobile marketing strategies for modern restaurants

Jul 08, 2020

9 Mobile marketing strategies for modern restaurants
9 Mobile Marketing Strategies for modern restaurants

The restaurant industry has a lot of potential to generate revenue and while coupons, freebies, and cross-promotions have played a major part in boosting sales in the past, it is now imperative that restaurants switch to digital ways to market their business to a larger audience

99% of millennials rely on their mobile phones and social media to choose a restaurant of their choice and therefore it is evident that mobile marketing is a necessity and not a luxury anymore. 

In this article, we will look at how significant mobile marketing is and the different successful ways in which to execute it

1. Launch your own responsive restaurant app

This is a very important step as setting up your own responsive mobile app will add higher value to your marketing as 52% of web traffic is generated from mobile phones. Also, make sure that your app is a responsive one to communicate clearly with your target audience. Give a declutter feel to your app through simple design and graphics. Therefore developing a mobile app for restaurants is the first and foremost step that you have to take.

2. List your restaurant in Google My Business Page

List your restaurant in Google maps as people will look for local restaurants using their mobile phones. You can do this easily by setting up a Google My Business Page (GMB Listing). It can really boost your visibility among your target audience once you optimize your restaurant. 

3. The importance of local listings

There are several local listing apps that have come into prominence with the rise of social media. After the search engines, these apps are the most favorable place to showcase your business as they provide you with an opportunity to garner more reviews

Some of them are Yelp, Yellow Pages, Mapquest, Foursquare Manta, and more. You can also link your social media accounts to these pages and vice versa. Using business directories like Yelp marketing for restaurant can be useful in the digital age.

4. Implement SMS marketing

People instantly read text messages and therefore it is one of the most effective ways to market your restaurant. SMS also helps to build a personal rapport with your target audience. Another attractive feature being the affordability factor. You can send messages that inform customers about an upcoming event like a food fest and also about exciting discounts, offers through an SMS, and keep your customers well informed and updated. 

5. Tap the opportunity provided by Location apps

Make your restaurant presence felt in applications that allow users to check-in at different restaurants as this will provide a golden opportunity to make your business noticed more among your customer base

6. Promote an attractive loyalty program through mobile

If you want customers coming back to you, then plan an attractive loyalty program. You can use your existing loyalty applications and also use SMS messages to give away mobile loyalty rewards to your customers

7. Provide convenience

Waiting for food for a long time is the most irritating thing that a customer can come across. You can eliminate this and at the same time add more value to your restaurant marketing by providing them with reservations via mobile phones. You can also think of teaming up with an application provider to facilitate advance meal bookings through mobiles

8. Get the payments through mobiles

Due to the advancement in technology customers can now choose to pay their bills using their smartphones. This helps to save time on your operations and also customers can leave the restaurant as soon as they are done with their food. However, keep this payment mode as optional as some customers might still opt for the traditional way to make payments. 

9. The power of social media

Make your presence felt in different social media platforms as it is a useful tool to expand your business. Engage with your customers through these channels by asking them to post their experiences and share them with your friends and family members 

The power of mobile marketing is simply superb, it might not bring you overnight success but definitely help you to build an empire over a period of time. Follow these hacks, to spread the name of your restaurant further and also to bring in new and previous customers to your restaurant to make it an ever-bustling place.

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