A Guide to Yelp marketing for restaurant business in 2021

May 18, 2021

A Guide to Yelp marketing for restaurant business in 2021 | Shopurfood
Yelp marketing strategies for restaurants

Yelp has become a familiar website among the local business people because of its listings and reviews. Business listing helps customers find out the various business types present in every city and town.

Whether a customer needs to find local services to a restaurant, Yelp gives the search result as per the customer's wish. Being a restaurant owner, Yelp offers you individual reviews, ratings, and ranking of your restaurant business assists to get more business. This guide focuses on the yelp restaurant marketing techniques that help run a successful business in the competitive world.

What Is Yelp And How Does It Work?

Yelp is a business directory platform assisting customers to find bars, restaurants, or any local businesses. The business details like reviews, photos, logo, business location, and other pieces of information are posted on Yelp.com so that the customers can find the details by searching the business name.

Why Should You Join Yelp As A Restaurant Owner?

Yelp is accessible by website, Android devices, and iOS devices. It allows the business listed in the right category, geographic location, and you can also add additional features such as delivery service, seating capacity, and reservation benefits.

Yelp Business directory for restaurants
Yelp Business directory

Yelp website contains business reviews verified by popular reviewers, and they acquire Yelp Elite status. Diners claim that 4 out of 5 check out yelp reviews before planning a restaurant dinner. So restaurant owners need to take Yelp into serious consideration.

How does Yelp help in Restaurant sales growth?

The first step is to create a business account in Yelp with complete restaurant details, enabling you to communicate with the customers about the restaurant offers. Currently, Yelp holds up traffic of 71 million visitors every month with 142 million smiling customer eyes ensuring that your business details reach the target audience.

  • Improves SEO

SEO for restaurants based on many factors like backlinks, creating a profile in high authority platforms, and online directory submission. Yelp is a platform for diverse customer demands that helps in boosting SEO efforts.

  • Connect with ready to eat customers

Yelp marketing gives accurate information about your restaurant to the customers searching for the best place to eat with just a few click

  • Amplify restaurant website traffic

35% of Yelp users analyze the profile reviews and visit the restaurant website in less than 24 hours.

To advertise your restaurant in the local region, Yelp business provides free access for 3months. You can upgrade your features by including call-to-action buttons and stay ahead in the customer search competitor advertisements.

The pros and cons of Yelp for restaurants

Pros of Yelp marketing

Create a business profile with free sign-up by uploading photos, restaurant address, phone number, services offered, and menus. The business profile enables linking with the website and other social media profiles. Nowadays, yelp is nearing 150 million visitors every month, indicating the website supports a lot of business exposure.

Yelp pros and cons

The Yelp profile facilitates restaurant owners to immediately respond to customer queries or complaints either on the public or private platform.

Cons of Yelp marketing

The bounce rate from Yelp's website ranges around 25 to 30%, even though Yelp generates moderate traffic to the landing page as the majority of the people stay updated with the Yelp app or website. 

Exceptional Yelp Features To Progress Your Restaurant Business To The Next Level

  • Paid advertising
  • Appreciate the customers providing reviews
  • Increase your restaurant presence in social media
  • Easy usability
  • React to customer reviews
  • Motivate Customers To Offer Yelp Reviews
  • Perform Keyword Research For Yelp Business Profile
  • Utilize the reviews on other sites
  • Analyze the Yelp metrics

Paid Advertising

When your business needs special attention on the top of the search results relevant to the customer query, it is better to choose paid advertising packages ranging from $300 to $1000 per month.

As a paid advertiser, you can upload unlimited photos and even a high-quality video to promote your business listing in a particular area. Now you can remove your competitor advertising from the list enabling the customers to focus only on your business.

Appreciate the customers providing reviews

Yelp helps businesses listed with positive and influencing reviews collected from the customer. You can reward the customer with a free meal by offering honest and positive feedback about their dining experience with the restaurant.

Increase your restaurant presence in social media

Sharing your Yelp reviews on social media platforms creates more impact than promotional sales emails.

Before sharing the review on social media sites, it is better to get permission from the reviewer for posting the customer feedback following the guidelines. Few restaurant owners view their reviews disappear over a period, and you can overcome this by engaging the customers constantly.

Easy usability

Yelp supports easy user interactivity, which allows the customers to view the ratings and reviews of the business without signing up a login.

React to customer reviews

When you respond to Yelp reviews and critics, it increases the positive customer impression of the restaurant. Statistics report that 44.6% of customers view the business profile when the owner responds to the negative reviews.

Yelp reviews for restaurants

Motivate Customers To Offer Yelp Reviews

Offer free meals and discount coupons to customers to provide feedback on Yelp. Give the link address of the review site to the customer to write a review easily instead of searching for it.

Perform Keyword Research For Yelp Business Profile

The first step is to find the right keyword based on the restaurant location and then place the keywords plus their variations in the business description.

keyword ideas for Yelp restaurants profile

This process enables the business to be categorized under the appropriate services and products such that the customer can view the business information by entering a common keyword or term of the restaurant business.

Utilize the reviews on other sites

Collect the Yelp reviews and post the best one on your restaurant sites, social media platforms, which encourages customers to land on the home page, increasing the website ranking.

Analyze the Yelp metrics

The engagement metrics give the number of views of the customer, time spent on the page, actions taken after reading the reviews. Retention metrics provide the list of repeated users who visit the business profile every week or month.

Yelp account analysis

A monetization report helps the restaurant owner retrieve the advertisement revenue and the average revenue generated per user. Satisfaction metrics list out the average review posted in the survey, Apple/play store..

Make Your Best Move Now!

There are diverse restaurant marketing ideas such as email, newsletter, influencer advertising approaches, and loyalty programs. An enticing restaurant background with a delicious menu will drag more customers to your restaurant. You can retain customers when you increase the online visibility of the restaurant with Yelp business. Acquire increased sales beyond your expectation, then go for Yelp restaurant marketing.

FAQ about Yelp marketing for restaurants

How Does Yelp Work?

The way you claim (or add) your Yelp business is similar to how you claim your TripAdvisor business.

How much does Yelp cost?

You can pay to be an advertiser - Yelp offers free business listings, but you can also pay to have your listing displayed at the top of relevant search results.

What are the Best Ways to Use Yelp?

Focus on getting customers to write reviews - To maximize your Yelp listing, create a place where positive and solid reviews are abundant.

How much does Yelp charge per lead?

Yelp is now charging restaurants up to 20 percent for each order placed through the app.

What are the benefits of updating your business information?

Search engines can find your restaurant more easily and return the correct information about it when you search for restaurants near you.

What are the drawbacks of Yelp?

It's a great resource for attracting new customers, but it can also lead to negative reviews and fake testimonials.

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