Amazing Features Of Swiggy Clone For Your Food Delivery Business

Dec 13, 2021

Amazing Features Of Swiggy Clone For Your Food Delivery Business
Swiggy Clone

Online food delivery has become a renowned business among entrepreneurs in recent times. Like other sectors, the food industry is also successfully conquering a position in the global market. The convenience of effortlessly getting your food at doorstep without spending much time made an ease of online delivery concept into practice. As the demand flows, the users of desirable food delivery apps like Swiggy keeps on increasing day by day. With a popular Swiggy Clone platform, restaurants can serve their yummy and succulent dishes to their wonderful customers.

Highlighting features of Swiggy Clone

The Swiggy clone app has specific features for customers, restaurants, delivery partners and admin. Let us talk about the highlighting features in detail below.

Customer App

User Registration

The application enables the users to login into the app by successfully creating an account with their email address and mobile number. Users can also access the app through social media accounts.

Search and filter options

The given user input in the search option provides the results that match their preference. Customers can explore restaurants or food items using advanced search. Filter options facilitate users to choose their food by sorting them using various factors such as price, popular dishes, rating etc.

Add to cart

The users can place orders by adding their required food item in the cart. Faster checkouts are made possible by multi-payment gateways offered by the app.

Online payment options

The app provides various payment methods for their customers to make online transactions easier. UPI, internet banking, using credit/debit cards, wallets are some of the options included in the app for secured online money transfer.

Track orders

Customers can quickly track their online orders till it is delivered to their hands. Entering the order number furnishes you with the necessary tracking information.

Restaurant App

Menu management

Restaurants can add, delete or modify the food items in the menu based on customer preferences and food availability. It is the sole responsibility of restaurants to create an attractive food menu with a diverse range of cuisines.

Track order history

The app helps restaurants to efficiently manage their orders and view complete details of past order records of their customers.

Earning report

The restaurants can evaluate their performance in food delivery by generating sales reports in the app. Using this feature, restaurants can effectively monitor their monetaries and boost their revenue.

Order notifications

When a user places an order, the order request is sent to the restaurant. Restaurants can accept or reject the order based on food availability and convenience. If an order is accepted, restaurants send push-up messages via notifications to customers.

Delivery partner App

Accept or reject orders

Profile data

Delivery partner app permits the user to create a profile by filling out the essential data. The app ensures if the information provided by the executive is accurate for complete registration.

Easy navigation

The google map APIs provide delivery executives the optimized route that gets rid of traffic to achieve faster deliveries within the allotted time.

For every order placed by a customer, delivery partners can either accept or reject orders depending on their comfort. The delivery partner app allows the executives to use accept and reject options appropriately.

In-app call/chats

The delivery partners can call or initiate chats with the customer if they have any enquiries or difficulties regarding their delivery address.

Admin App


With the help of a dashboard, the admin can control and streamline the overall business by constantly observing them.


The admin can announce offers and promotions to drive increased sales towards the business and to gain more user insights.

Commission earnings

Admin has the control to decide the commission amount for each delivered order. The commission earned by every restaurant is precisely tracked by the panel.

Launch your Swiggy clone app now

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