How Much Does It Cost To Build Mobile App Like Doordash?

Aug 16, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Build Mobile App Like Doordash?
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Today is a fast-paced world. Amidst the hustle-bustle of daily lives, it is very normal for people to expect that everything from food to apparel and groceries is delivered at the doorstep. There is a huge demand for food delivery software and applications and it has gained huge momentum, particularly during and after the pandemic. Studies suggest that the food delivery services market would grow by 11.5% from 2021 to reach $159.46 billion in 2022. This has an important note for restaurant owners and food delivery software developers-The digital trends that emerged with COVID-19 are here to stay and the food delivery industry is expected to grow multifold. Consumers are expecting delicious meals at their doorstep right at the moment they require them. So, online food ordering and delivery apps like Doordash are expected to gain salience.

The blog describes the essential features that one must consider while building a food delivery app, and what it takes to build an app like Doordash.

What is Doordash?

Doordash is a California-based food ordering and delivery software that lets customers pick their favorite cuisine from the restaurants on the website and the mobile app, and place an order. The services offered by Doordash have received a huge welcome among consumers and Doordash has achieved a whopping success.

With a customer base of 20 million consumers and 450000 merchants, it has made one million deliveries. Their success is an impressive case study that there is a growing demand for a food ordering and delivery app like Doordash. Web development companies have already started developing and selling ready-made, Doordash clone scripts and food delivery software.

What is a Doordash clone script?

It has become an unavoidable trend that to ensure sustainability, restaurant business owners are going online by collaborating with online food delivery software platforms like uber eats, Doordash, and so on. Keeping this in mind, we at shopurfood have developed Doordash clone scripts to help startups and restaurant owners be a part of the on-demand food delivery software and catch up to the competition and market demand.

Doordash clone script is a prefabricated food delivery software with predefined scripts that can be customized and scaled in one-tenth of the time that it takes otherwise. This is also a cost-effective feature, so startups and small restaurant owners can use the core features and functionalities of top businesses and amp up their operations to market demands. Time taken to build apps like Doordash from Doordash clone scripts depends on the complexity of the design.

Apps like Doordash need to cater to four stakeholders - Admin / Owner of the product, Delivery boy, Customer, and Restaurant / Partner and each of them have their own feature and functionality requirements.

Features of Doordash Clone Script

Following are the essential features of the Doordash clone script that one must consider to meet the demands of the stakeholders.

Customer Panel

Search restaurants and browse categories

App like Doordash have an engaging customer panel where customers browse for their favorite from their most loved restaurants. It lists the food in categories. The customer can search in both ways- restaurant-based or based on the food category.

Placing orders

A summary is provided to the user just before payment and finalization so the customer can edit their food orders seamlessly.

Flexible Payment

Integrated to the payment gateways, customers can avail of different payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, Mobile wallets, net banking, etc.

Order Tracking and Updates

The customer panel in Doordash clones has built-in google maps that facilitate real-time order tracking. This way, customers are sent real-time tracking updates on the whereabouts of their food and about when they would receive their order.

Maintain more than one address

The customer can add multiple addresses including their home, work, and so on. This way they don't have to type the address every time. They can browse through and pick one when they order.

Vouchers and promo codes

One of the notable features of the Doordash clone scripts is to pull more users to try a restaurant by pushing offers and promo codes.

Push Notifications

Doordash clone scripts are designed to send push notifications every time there is an update to the customer. Whether there is a change in the status of the order or there is a new offer, the Doordash clone script shall push notifications to the customer.

Restaurant Panel


Restaurants can register by submitting some documents to the admin. With a Doordash clone script, restaurants can add their food menu and receive online orders.

Accept/Reject order request

The restaurant has the authority to accept or reject order requests based on the availability of their resources.

Order update

A restaurant can check for order and payment summary anytime they intend to. The summary of each order has intricate details of the cost of each item with tax splits, delivery charges, and so on.


The restaurant dashboard has reports and analytics on revenue, order history, payment details, etc. that restaurants can use to make insights and decisions based on the same.

Delivery Panel


With the Doordash clone script, the delivery boy can furnish the documents and create a profile.

Flexiblity to accept/reject

The delivery boy has flexible hours and so is given the option to accept and reject orders. The delivery boy can also update his availability in the status.

One-tap call/ chat to customers

To enable seamless communication between customers and delivery boys, the Doordash clone script enables in-app messaging and calls to customers.

Access the location

Before accepting the order, the delivery boy has the option to look at both- the location of the restaurant for pickup and that of the customer for delivery.

Order history

The delivery boy can access the orders he has delivered in just a click.

Admin Panel


Doordash clone script has an exhaustive dashboard that offers insights on partners, customers, delivery boys, order details, payment, and others.

Approvals and Rejections

Based on the track record, the admin has the power to accept or reject requests placed by restaurant partners and delivery boys.

Manage partners

The admin has the right to add restaurant partners and delete items that do not comply with the rules.

Reviews and ratings

In the Doordash clone script, the customer can offer ratings and reviews to the restaurant as well as about the delivery boys.

Customer management

Admin has the power to manage customer sign-ups, orders, payments and other activities.


Other than the complexity of design, various other factors affect the budgeting and the quality of the Doordash clone script. If you are looking for an app like Doordash?

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