How to create the best food delivery application for your restaurants?

Apr 20, 2022

How to create the best food delivery application for your restaurants?
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Most of the online food delivery platforms have been successful in the long run. Besides restaurant management and operations, delivery channels comprise the major part of any online food delivery business. It is essential to have a streamlined flow of orders and on-time deliveries in order to thrive a profitable food delivery application. Without having an organized and reliable source of delivery network, an entrepreneur cannot sustain in the food industry for a longer period of time.

Shopurfood is a comprehensive solution that enables the business owners to begin a food delivery business with a powerful website and user-enabled mobile applications. Our tailor made features allow you to create a brand and establish brand name in the market. Launching your own food delivery app helps to get rid of the commission charges and extra costs. Let us discuss the prominent features for a booming food delivery platform for the restaurants.

Order notifications

For every order placed by the customer, the restaurant receives order alerts as notifications. The restaurants and delivery drivers get the alert messages in their respective dashboards. It contains all the information about orders like customer details, payment info, etc. Based on the convenience, the order can be accepted or rejected by the restaurants and drivers.

Order management

With different tabs like new orders, accepted orders and completed orders, the restaurants can easily manage the customer orders. When a customer sends an order request to a restaurant, the particular restaurant receives complete information in the new orders tab. Once the restaurant accepts the new order, it will move to the accepted orders tab. The restaurants can also view the delivery details of any order by clicking the completed orders.

Order history

Order history helps to generate data about orders that have been completed and delivered successfully. The restaurants can track their order history for any mentioned duration. This tab enables the business owners to monitor the sales and obtain precise value of sales in the food delivery business. With this acquired sales report, the owners can estimate the sales in the upcoming months. This also allows them to analyze the customer insights and plan accordingly in the future to derive enhanced sales.

Order tracking

A live tracking system will help the restaurants to track the orders till it reaches the delivery location. This helps to ensure that the delivery channel is operating perfectly on-time to accomplish food delivery to the customers. Real time tracking permits the restaurants to know that the orders accepted by them have been delivered to the customer location without any delay or failure. This is the most predominant feature for any on-demand food delivery application.

Inventory management

This is a salient feature which helps to track and manage your inventories. Keep your stocks in check that helps to regulate the flow of orders. Regularly updating your inventories allows the customers to effortlessly place orders and prevents deviation of flow for the restaurants. With a proper inventory management system, the restaurants can know better what to keep in stock and what is sold more among the customers.

The ultimate food delivery solution

Shopurfood is the appropriate one-stop solution to achieve all food delivery needs. Our white labeled software provides the right food delivery platform for your restaurant business. Commence your online food delivery application now and enrich your business standards being an active player in the market with our well-equipped online scripts.

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