How to Seamlessly Integrate Food Delivery Software with Your Restaurant POS

Jun 07, 2024

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Food delivery software.

Integrating food delivery software with your restaurant POS system is crucial for modern eateries looking to optimize their operations. A robust restaurant POS system not only showcases your menu online but also facilitates seamless integration of online ordering directly into your website. For restaurants aiming to establish a strong digital presence, this integration is a game-changer.

One exemplary solution is Shopurfood, a food delivery software that offers comprehensive delivery management features for restaurants and food delivery marketplaces. By integrating Shopurfood with your restaurant's POS system, you can streamline the delivery process, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

Benefits of Integrating Food Delivery Software with Your POS

Enhance Customer Reach

Integrating food delivery software allows you to reach customers who prefer the convenience of home or office delivery over dining out. You can accept orders through various channels such as your website, phone, delivery aggregators, or a mobile application. Shopurfood's delivery software helps you pinpoint delivery problem areas and improves speed and order processing efficiency.

Two Options for Order Management

  1. Centralized Order Acceptance: Through a call center or website.
  2. Direct Order Acceptance: At the restaurant's checkout.

Advantages of Delivery Management with Shopurfood

By organizing delivery with Shopurfood, you can:

  • Import Orders from Multiple Sources: Website, app, aggregators, call center, or manually.
  • Manage Delivery Order Statuses: Keep track of each order in real-time.
  • Control Delivery Time: Ensure timely deliveries.
  • Monitor Courier Movements: Contact couriers and track their location.

Shopurfood offers specialized solutions for the food delivery service and restaurant industry, providing you with customized software that meets your needs with an attractive design.

Order Acceptance Process with Shopurfood

Here's how the order acceptance process works with Shopurfood:

  1. Order Reception: Orders are received via APIs from your POS, website, order management software, or an aggregator.
  2. Order Processing: Your operator processes the delivery orders.
  3. Dispatch: When dishes are ready, the operator dispatches the orders to couriers.
  4. Courier Notification: Couriers receive orders on their Shopurfood Driver Application with updated status information.
  5. Delivery: Couriers deliver the items using optimized routes and complete proof of delivery.

Visualizing the Perfect Delivery Process

Imagine a seamless delivery experience where:

  • A customer orders their favorite dishes from several restaurants via their smartphone.
  • They receive detailed information about each dish and its chef, along with customer reviews.
  • The customer arrives home to a hot, ready-made meal at the agreed time.
  • The delivery automation program updates the customer's regular order history, and the operator can provide personalized service.
  • The order is dispatched to the most optimally located courier, ensuring timely delivery without errors.

Automating Your Food Delivery Service

Automation of food delivery services suits all types of establishments, from small family cafes to large restaurant chains. This solution allows you to:

  • Record and Control Orders: Keep track of every delivery.
  • Manage Client History: Remember all previous delivery orders for each client.
  • Optimize Courier Operations: Improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Monitor Profitability: Assess the profitability of each order and the entire delivery service.
  • Control Dish Preparation: Ensure quality and timely preparation.
  • Manage Inventory: Track warehouse balances of goods and semi-finished products.


If you're seeking a reliable and convenient solution to automate your restaurant's operations, Shopurfood's food delivery software is an excellent choice. Its ease of use and seamless integration with other services simplify business management and boost efficiency. With Shopurfood, configuring the necessary settings is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring you can focus on what matters most delivering exceptional service to your customers.

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