10 Emerging tips to train your staff to handle online food orders

Oct 08, 2020

10 Emerging tips to train your staff to handle online food orders | Shopurfood
10 emerging tips to train your staff to handle online food orders

So, how to train your restaurant employees for online orders?

We all know that employees who work better contribute towards brand building by creating a good reputation. The online food ordering segment is skyrocketing, with an assumption that restaurants are bound to lose 70% of their customers if they don't have an online food ordering channel. The online food ordering brings in many advantages to your restaurant like increased efficiency but for effective food delivery you need to train your staff well. We will see how?

  • Create a staff training plan
  • The way your restaurant operates & instructions
  • Give them training on technology
  • Adhere to a timeline
  • Demonstrate
  • Make them aware of the boons
  • Practical approach in training
  • Multiple training programs
  • Use a script
  • Bifurcate between in-house and online orders
  • The process of Shadowing
  • Method of cross training
  • Gain help from experienced owners
  • Regular training & boot camp session hosting

Create a staff training plan  

Track all the objectives of your training program by making a plan. Note down the points that worked and did not work for your restaurant. After analysing the plan make a training manual containing your formulated policies and practices so that your staff can refer to it whenever necessary.  Some things you can include in the manual are

 The way your restaurant operates and instructions 

You can include details like cuisine types, kitchen checklists, rush hours, menu, average guest numbers, ideal customer behaviour, head chef details. You can also add the roles and responsibilities of each staff and how the work is connected among them to increase efficiency.  

Give them training on technology 

Give your staff training on technological aspects and familiarise them with systems like POS, mobile ordering, feedback app and more so that they can work with efficiency.

Adhere to a timeline

Use a timeline and follow it for better results. Give more time to key areas of your training process. Make use of visual training modules to save time and money.


Demonstration is quite impactful. You can demonstrate tasks if you are a trainer and also ask your experienced staff to demonstrate so that the new ones can learn from them. Create groups of three to four and assign a mentor. 

Make them aware of the boons 

Convey to your staff how the restaurant's new technology will help them to simplify their tasks and increase efficiency. Be transparent with them.

Practical approach in training  

Train your staff on how to use the restaurant online ordering system by letting them use it. This way it will be easier for them to handle online food orders. Let them place test orders so that they can learn more about customization orders and handle them with confidence in the real restaurant scenario.

Multiple training programs 

In the online ordering system, there will be more than one stations, so it is important to train everyone to handle orders through multiple training programs

Use a script

 Your staff needs a script that they can use with customers. The printed script should be kept ready at cashier and other service station points, so that staff can refer. Your delivery drivers should be trained on informing customers with the different online food delivery options available. 

Bifurcate between in-house and online orders

The staff should be able to differentiate between in-house and online orders. You can colour one of the orders to achieve this objective in-case your ticket printer cannot do it. 

The process of Shadowing 

It is a great way for a new staff to learn about the workings of your restaurant. The process involves the training of a new or underperforming staff by an experienced one. 

Method of cross training 

Cross training is the process of training each staff in all the positions of your restaurant. This is the best way to make your staff aware of each other's duties and responsibilities and also promote teamwork. This also allows the restaurant to fill in a person who has taken a leave and manage business easily.

Gain help from experienced owners 

It is always good to take help from experienced restaurant owners who have gone through the training process for their staff regarding an online ordering system. It will contribute in enhancing your training quality.

Regular training session hosting 

Put in efforts to host regular training sessions to keep your team aware of the latest trends likely to be implemented by your restaurant 

Shopurfood is a restaurant ordering system that can help your restaurant business needs like a restaurant management system and mobile food ordering app.


The online restaurant ordering system is here to stay, so training your staff on how to deal with it will only help in increasing your efficiency and output. 

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