A survey on probable customer visits after restaurant reopening

Jun 03, 2020

A survey on probable customer visits after restaurant reopening | Shopurfood
Survey on restaurant reopening

The restaurant reopening is something that is keenly observed by people around the world. Post COVID19, the restaurant industry is sure to gain ground and retrieve its lost glory but it will definitely be a slow process as the following data indicates. Until then, online delivery and takeaways will have a large part to play in providing respite for hungry customers. In this article let us take a look at what are the trends of restaurant reopening amidst this Coronavirus crisis.

According to a study by Carson College of Business - Washington State University, 66% of consumers out there are not ready to eat out at restaurants, yet. 47% say they will visit a restaurant only after three months. This surely indicates that there is still fear lingering in the minds of the customers instilled by the virus but once we get over this crisis the figures are definitely going to change and there will be more customers willing to visit restaurants more frequently.

But as of now only 21% are ready to eat out at restaurants as soon as the restaurants reopen. Considering the scenario that there is no second wave of COVID-19 infections the remaining consumers might add up to this 21%.

Also, the study found that the customers are more comfortable going into the small to medium size restaurants when the reopening begins. For instance outlets or the many independent sit-down restaurants is what people prefer to go to even after the restaurant reopening begins.

The consumers are also very much bothered about sanitation procedures that will be taken up by restaurants like masks for waiters, hand sanitizer areas, and also clean tables and chairs so that they feel safe and secure. Therefore it is a must that restaurants should take proper measures to sanitize and clean the premises without any glitches.

To keep the customers safe, all states have mandatory rules in place regarding the capacity and cleanliness measures. The capacity for customers in some states is 50% whereas in some others it is as low as 25%. Reservations are the new norm as more restaurants including quick-service chains are encouraged to adopt them. Even at parties, you will not be able to find more than 10 people according to the new guidelines set by CDC.

Customers are hesitant

In Spite of all these rules and regulations in place, the customers seem quite hesitant to dine out, which is a clear indication of the fact that the restaurants need to continue with social distancing and off-premises strategy as strongly as before. Strengthening and continuing off-premises strategy is very important to maintain the business at break-even. The number of customers visiting restaurants may increase in the near future which may lead to panic for restaurant owners on how to control them efficiently according to the social distancing norms. They can overcome this situation by encouraging more takeaways, online deliveries and also by allocating reservation for customers.

social distancing in a restaurnant
Social distancing in a restaurant

Online delivery and takeaway a big respite

Considering the current trends in restaurants, customers visiting the premises seem a little distance away. Therefore clinging on to the online ordering system and takeaways will be the safest option for restaurants to break even for at least a few more months.

The scenario of D2C sales

Recently Impossible foods tweeted that they are going to sell their famous plant-based burgers directly to customers. This move is really smart because due to the pandemic, the sale of plant-based meat has skyrocketed to a huge 264%. Impossible Foods is not the only company planning on a D2C model of business. Earlier Pepsico, Slow UP, and Thirstie made moves from B2B to D2C.

All these indicate that the pandemic is really stirring the operational ways of businesses around the world. For things to get back to normal, it might take months if not a year. It is evident that Restaurants and other food-based companies will have to work out efficient delivery and takeout systems until the virus is wiped out from the face of the earth.

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