Top 12 checklists every restaurant owner must consider after a breakout

Jun 11, 2020

Top 12 checklists every restaurant owner must consider after a breakout | Shopurfood
Checklists for Restaurant owners

Most probably restaurants must be closed down or functioning with reduced manpower as a result of the pandemic. Rather than feeling low or depressed, you can definitely make use of this time to bring about improvements to your business model. Focus on things that still need your attention.

You should also be ready to embrace the fact that it might take a certain amount of time before things get back to normal and you will have to equip yourself to a new way of life until then.

This article puts light on some points that might prove useful to focus on until things get back to normal

1. Focus on money matters

It's absolutely necessary to plan out your finances meticulously at such a trying time. You should take care to not plan for a long time as things are quite volatile and change abruptly. Restaurant owners must do financial planning for a few weeks or months at the max would be ideal. You can also make a plan to utilize the low-interest disaster loans offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to cover up your debts, payroll, and other bills. 

2. Make a strong delivery service plan

Now, most of the customers prefer online deliveries or takeaways as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. In fact, it remains the only mode of operation for many restaurants as per the guidelines issued by different governing bodies and CDC. So making a strong delivery plan and executing it is of utmost importance for your restaurant to survive this testing time. The primary thing to do in this regard is to develop an efficient online food ordering system and then surely your business will start falling back on track with more orders.

3. Be more involved with your staff

Your staff will also be anxious about their future due to the pandemic. Show more empathy towards them and also communicate with them regularly regarding future plans. You can also make them aware of any benefits that they are entitled to from your side as well as the government. 

4. Cutting costs

Now is the right time to eliminate your extra expenditures. You can do this by saying bye to vendors who under perform, finding cost-effective suppliers, tweaking your menu, and avoiding the dishes that don't make much business. You can also think of combining tasks as the workload is less nowadays.

5. Revamp your menu items

You cannot ask for a better time to revamp your menu. You can bring new dishes to your restaurant by researching more on customer preferences. You can also make use of this time by making your existing dishes fresher, tastier and attractively presented by working closely with your chef.

6. Observe your competition keenly

You might have never got enough time for this but now you can observe your competitors doing good business in your area and try to latch on to whatever positive aspects of their business as possible. 

7. Make more technological plans

You might not have the money to pull off a very expensive technological leap at this time but you can definitely go ahead with features like contactless delivery and food Kiosk monitor feature to curb the spread of the virus and to ensure more safety for your customers as well as your staff.

8. Work more closely on your marketing goals

Is it necessary to work on new campaigns to boost your marketing and advertising? How are your competitors making revenue out of advertising? The answers to all these questions can be found out by utilizing the present time at hand. You can get more insights on how to market your restaurant business during this tough time better by reading our blog here.

9. Carry out maintenance works

Carry out the maintenance work of your refrigeration, cooking, HVAC and freezing systems that you have been putting off for another time.

10. Emphasize more on cleanliness

Give more importance and assure proper cleaning of every nook and corner of your restaurant. You can also look out for options to automate your cleaning process. Ensure that your kitchen equipment are in fine working condition. You can also make a safety checklist for your restaurant equipment and maintain high standards of cleanliness.

11. Execute proper health inspection

Give way to a flawless inspection by referring to your previous inspection forms and tracing the flow of food right from its raw material to prepared state as this is the ripe time to track any pest issues.

12. Conduct an energy audit

Improve the energy efficiency levels of your business through an energy audit. To get more information on this contact the U.S Small Business Administration or your local utility firm. 

We all know that this too shall pass but until then you can equip yourself and utilize the time to revamp your restaurant business to suit the new ways of function. This shall definitely ensure a better tomorrow for your restaurant business.

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