Kitchen Equipment: A safety checklist for restaurants

Aug 19, 2020

Kitchen Equipment: A safety checklist for restaurant owners | Shopurfood
Restaurant kitchen equipment safety checklist

Electrical safety is of prime importance to restaurant owners considering the amount of trouble that accompanies damage caused by fire due to faulty electrical cables and wires. In this blog we will take a look at some of the electrical hazards and how to avoid them

The issue of electrocution

If your space is very limited and involves lot of wet spaces with many people then you should definitely take that extra step to keep your electrical circuits well protected using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) OR Residual current circuit breakers (RCCB). Even in a mild way if your appliances are giving shock to your employees it's a sign for the coming of a much bigger problem and should be immediately rectified.

The element of overload

Many electrical equipment and lighting which you use in your restaurant can overload your circuit. This causes melting of the insulation coat over wires eventually leading to short circuits and fire. Also make sure that you don't overload your panels as it is designed to only handle a particular number of circuit breakers. So adding more circuit breakers by mistake can lead to overload which may eventually lead to electrical fires.

The factor of power fluctuation

Power fluctuations are caused by lightning strikes, inefficient wiring, usage of low quality electrical materials. The power fluctuation also occurs due to the presence of low quality or faulty power grids in heavy appliances, as a result of which they consume more power than they are built to handle when they are switched on.

Equipment which are damaged

Instances like power fluctuations are rare and happen only for a short period of time but in the long run it damages your electrical equipment. Therefore you should periodically check whether your equipment are in good order and replace the ones that are damaged to avoid the chances of any fire hazard.

Now we will look at how to assess your current electrical safety and ways to improve it. Make a restaurant checklist that helps every business owner to proceed with the safety and sanitization process.

1. Regular audit of all electrical devices, equipment, fixtures and wiring

The kitchen inspection includes electrical chords and making sure they are not worn out, inspection of wiring. Making sure that sockets and panels are never overloaded, Identifying fault switches

2. Ensure protection of your electrical appliances

Make sure that your appliances are protected against water or moisture ingress. Use only good quality industrial plugs. Ensure that your lightings are well protected against exposure from water or steam

3. The importance of installing circuit interrupters

Protect your socket and fixtures by using Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) and GFCI. Replace the malfunctioning circuit breakers by testing their functionality frequently. Keep a keen eye on your appliances and circuit breakers if it tips frequently.

4. The use of metal work bonding

Use metal countertops, fryers and copper piping, connect them together electrically and then to the ground. Periodically test whether the grounding is proper for better earthing

5. Hire only licensed electricians and contractors

After they are done with the check up ask them if any appliance is in need of replacement due to more years of service and do the replacements without delay to ensure maximum safety to your restaurant

6. A good fire safety system in place

Make sure that you have adequate fire safety systems in your restaurant with emergency lightings and specific exits designated in case of fire. You should also have a fire suppression system to cut off gas supplies automatically in case of a fire

7. Train your employees in fire safety actions

Give your employees training to potentially identify and report any hazards, faulty equipments, electrical cables that are damaged, to locate and operate breaker switches, to cut of electrical power and gas supply manually, Operating the right fire extinguishers, to put out oil or grease fires efficiently, evacuation of restaurant in case of fire emergency and also administration of First-Aid.

Apart from all these factors having a well sorted storage space in your restaurant can avoid the unnecessary crowding of your staff as a good shelving can keep all your appliances in proper order and also add more cleanliness to your restaurant

Your commercial kitchen equipment should have enough safety features like a proper first aid kit, fire extinguishers and domed safety mirrors to avoid collisions between staff. Restaurant sanitization process should be kept excellent to ensure maximum safety to customers and kitchen staff

To conclude

Electrical faults will remain as long as you are running your own restaurant but taking proper actions with regards to it is the most important thing. By having a good electrical safety plan, regular maintenance and replacement of faulty equipment you are always ahead of the curve as far as avoiding electrical hazards and fires are concerned.

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