What happens to outdoor dining once Winter arrives?

Aug 11, 2020

What happens to outdoor dining once Winter arrives? | Shopurfood
Outdoor dining in Winter season

Already there has been much damage caused due to the pandemic for restaurant owners. It's been over a month since restaurants have slowly started reopening their doors for indoor and outdoor dining and here comes the winters in the UK.

According to many restaurant owners meticulous planning is required in the next 12 to 18 months. Even in summers, restaurants which had been looking forward to some good business, accounted for only one-third business of the normal. Since pandemic was doing the bulk of talking!

Some owners even fear shutting down as they are already in debt and going into fall would mean lesser business, and only an efficient working model can save them

According to industry experts, When the aid given by the federal government runs out, with bad weather in the background and a pandemic as an addition, many restaurants will have to wind up their operations.

Running campaigns to win additional government aids is as important as running the restaurants currently, if not more important.

The restaurants without a patio are in the threat of rent adding up and ultimately closing down and the ones with a patio and outdoor dining will have to face the winters efficiently to stay afloat. The need of the hour is good leadership, guidance and a plan that works long term.

Outdoor dining during winter season

Weather patterns have significantly gained traction due to the current pandemic. With more restaurants opening up outdoor dining to combat the ill effects of the virus, winters round the corner can definitely be a grim factor. Proper long term planning can definitely help, like adjusting your patio by including facilities like heaters, different sets of furniture that are warmer to touch, offering blankets, growing shrubbery to shield cold winds could just mean that you are more than ready to welcome a severe winter without considerable loss of business.

According to some restaurant owners, remaining optimistic, less severity of winters and extended relief from federal, state governing bodies can pull them through the season and can keep their business floating with minimal damages

A survey of restaurant takeaway orders

Restaurant takeaway orders came to the rescue of restaurant owners as they were able to pick up revenue despite the pandemic, as per a survey conducted by Paytronix, an increase of 0.5% in daily sales were observed from March end to July. This was the time when most of the restaurants were restricting their operations to just takeaways and online food delivery.

During winters also, having a good restaurant order taking system in place can significantly help in bolstering your business and revenue

Some also feel that if the severity of winters are not that much, then outdoor dining can be continued.

Owners are even thinking to exempt the commissions charged by third party delivery agents by setting up their own online food ordering systems. A separate relief fund exclusively for restaurants is also part of the contingency plan

Even with winters round the corner, many are optimistic and feel that they can keep the revenue coming through takeaways and online food deliveries. Investing in your own online food ordering software can be a wise step in this regard.

To Wrap

Yes, the restaurant industry just like any other industry has been hardly hit by the pandemic. With winters round the corner, restaurant owners are quite anxious and nervous. But most feel that with proper long term planning and a new working model any extremities can be tackled. The restaurant owners are indeed positive even in the middle of an indefinite pandemic and a grim winter just around the corner.

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