7 Ways to boost restaurant sales in 2021

May 04, 2021

7 Ways to boost restaurant sales in 2021 - Shopurfood
tips to boost restaurant sales

The starting of the year means more as this is the finest time to catch the customer's eyes. By gaining the attention of customers, you can increase your restaurant sales and earn more revenue this year.

Here are 6 strategies to make this 2021 more lucrative.

Improve social media presence

This may be the right time to try out targeted ads on social media. You can target based on interest, activities to earn prospective guests.
Promoting on social media can redirect customers to other convenient ways to order items. Restaurants should engage on social media, promoting their menu items with details as well as images.
Social media is an effective way to earn prospective customers. Implementing daily games or long contests can increase awareness and maximize sales.

Customer involvement is key for the betterment of your online business.

  • Creating google Ad campaigns, targeting potential clients on social media, will probably ensure higher conversions and brings more traffic to your website.
  • Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to track. Sending promotional emails can leverage your business.
  • Focus on promotional newsletters and festive email promotions. Include images and catchy phrases to show the festive spirit to your customers. Dont forget to make it look appealing. Try to come up with creative ideas to draw customer attention.
  • Adding an online ordering system to social media can increase your online visibility.
  • Introduce discounts and offers
  • You can set up your own marketing strategies and let customers know about any limited offers for the year. You can take advantage of occasions by favoring customers with festive offers and seasonal discounts.
  • One of the best marketing strategies is to provide bundle offers. People always go for products which make the best value for their money.
  • Combo products work like a piece of cake, especially during the occasional seasons. Offer something new and exciting for a confined time.
  • Feature something distinct to stay on top of your competitors. Make sure that you are giving them a good reason to come back again.
  • Providing personalized offers and discounts to your regular customers during the festive seasons can get you repeated orders and boost your sales. With the right set of customers, you can bring subsequent orders.
  • Offer seasonal menus
  • Offering a seasonal menu can provide several benefits to strengthen business sales. This way you can increase the visibility of your product, attract new customers and generate more revenue. Studies show that customers are more likely to reach restaurants and purchase seasonal items on a menu.
  • Target your audience and add up seasonal elements according to customers interests and tastes.
  • Customize the menu frequently to popularize and maintain customer interest. This is one of the major strategies for this year.
  • Continue running ads and promoting your brand with the new year promotions even after the year ends.
  • Allow customers to sign up weekly deliveries of perishable items. For this, work along with suppliers and provide flexible ordering options for customers.
  • Build your community and increase sales by reposting contents related to your restaurant business across social media channels proactively.
  • Consider supporting your community by soliciting donations and meal cards for people fighting against coronavirus.
  • Offer some delivery add-ons like 'thank you cards' that give nice gestures and 'sketch books' that indulge kids in your brand.
  • You can implement co-branded partnerships that can extend your brand presence to multiple channels.
  • Add relevant social media hashtags that can boost your restaurants to local favorites. For instance, you can use hashtags popular hashtags that DoorDash uses like #openfordelivery, etc.
  • Some restaurants offer exclusive discounts to its new customers that include 'first time free' programs to reach more users in less time.

It is a big fact that people will strike at your product when most of your competitors might have stopped the promos. This will help to grab the customer's eyes for sure. In general, brands continue promotions and deals until February. Creating fresh new-year promotions also works.

Gain potential customers

There are plenty of events in the year that is ideal for online ordering and takeout. You can multiply your sales by optimizing your online menu and email promotions these days. If you have your own branded mobile food ordering app, you can send push notifications.

Generate more revenue

By gaining prospective customers you can maximize the restaurant order sales and increase revenue.
Having an ordering system can free up time by giving customers the ease of placing orders without heading directly or phoning. Online food ordering system is providing a great way to increase sales and to improve the customer experience to a great extent. Take a look at how food ordering system works.

Increase the frequency of existing customers

The customers are likely to become a repeat customer once they discover your online menu. Make sure that you are well prepared to gain new customers and grow your online visibility with an online food ordering system. Many restaurants have found that using an online food ordering software can streamline their online business and increase the frequency of their existing customers.


You can optimize your online menu and email out promotions to grow the sales you typically see on these days. If you have a branded mobile app of your own, sending push notifications also works for occasions. Determine what will work well and where you need improvement. Analyze these factors and put into practice. Good luck!

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