How do JustEat works?

Mar 06, 2019

How do JustEat works? - Shopurfood
How do justeat works

Want to build a website like JustEat and earn millions?

JustEat floated with a worth of more than 1 billion and with it came to a lot of feedback and insights into their strategy and how they connect with takeaways and restaurants. JustEat continues to earn more profit more often than expense spent. Before we share our views on how JustEat Clone script works, here is a short story about JustEat.

JustEat is huge online food ordering and delivery Service Company started in 2006 in Denmark. Restaurant owners always look for new ways to increase their revenue without risking their money. So creating a website like JustEat would be a great option for them to increase sales. If you are reading this post, you probably one of the lucky ones that got a great idea to start with the similar business for a place where you are living.

JustEat Business Model

JustEat offers a huge variety of delivery restaurants and order food online to restaurants. JustEat is the world leader in online takeaway food ordering. JustEat clone script helps to build a similar website like JustEat.

Working Model of JustEat

  • Customer can find restaurants with the help of ZIP code, city or street to deliver to his location
  • Customer can view a list of restaurants after entering its location
  • Customer can view and check the menu and add products to their cart
  • Customer can order food immediately
  • Customer can pay with PayPal or credit cards
  • Customer can review a restaurant after buying

JustEat Revenue Model

Connection Fees

Revenue generated from one-off fee restaurants pays to join service. Pricing depends on a particular level of maturity.

Transaction Fees

Revenue generated from the commission that company charges for each other carried out and from fees charged to restaurants for processing of customer card payments.

Advertising Fees

Revenue generated from fees charged to restaurants for higher replacement in search results and branded commodity products.

Customer Segments

JustEat has a multi-faced business model, with two interdependent customer segments that are both needed in order to operate


Individuals who want to be able to order takeout from local


Foodservice venues providing takeout that want to expand their customer volume beyond traditional channels.

Key activities

JustEat business revenue model involves maintaining a robust platform between two parties: Consumers and restaurants.

Key Partners

JustEat has joint ventures with similar services in other countries in order to expand its reach.

Key Resources

A JustEat fundamental asset is its restrictive programming stage which serves 13 million dynamic clients. The organization took off 320 updates of the stage in 2015 up from 103 of every 2014. It additionally relies upon its HR as innovation workers to upgrade the stage, deals staff to get new clients and administration faculty to offer help.

Do you wish to build a food ordering website like JustEat? You have come to the right place. We develop JustEat clone to launch similar food ordering platform like JustEat for restaurant ordering business.

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