How to make an on demand food delivery app like Grubhub or Postmates

How to make an on demand food delivery app like Grubhub, Postmates or Deliveroo
Kowsika M SEO Analyst

Food delivery industry continues to keep its progressive growth, which can be seen from last few years. So if you plan to make a food delivery app like GrubHub, Postmates,Deliveroo or UberEats, it’s the right time! Considering the fact that there are many food ordering apps (like GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats which are your direct competitors) the challenge is very tough. It’s quite difficult to compete with successful companies because they have many resources.

Here are few points from ShopurFood that will help you to succeed:

You should already have management experience in restaurant industry. It’s better if you have already established food delivery system and have been offering delivery option through website or phone calls.

It will be a great business opportunity if you don’t have direct competitors in your region.

Key features of food delivery apps

The challenging task about food ordering app development is that you have to create many products for people in the system.

  • Creating a customer food delivery app through which orders will be made
  • Admin panel where you will manage and supervise all requests
  • Delivery boy app to offer delivery services to your customers

Checklist for food delivery app development

  1. Customers should have fast and easy access to restaurant menus with possibility to make orders right in app.
  2. Delivery boys are interested in accessing available orders and built in geo location services to view order pickup and drop locations.
  3. Restaurant managers would like to view order list, assign them to delivery managers to process the food delivery. It’s important for them to have analytics tools access to track down records of customer retention.

Customer App

Let’s walk along the customer journey and think what features are essential for them

  • Finding a restaurant
  • Finding nearest restaurants to customer location
  • Getting brief details about restaurant cuisine list, price, offers and of course reviews.
  • Pay attention UX design to offer perfect User Experience to customers.

Core idea of food delivery app development is to let users to receive their order no matter where they are. Setting up drop location will be a great feature to add in. You can also make the food delivery process more convenient for users by offering with real time tracing of food orders.

Secured payment gateways

Golden rule here is, the in-app payments should be secure and fast.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are important customer acquisition factor and start with simple 5 star ratings with adding comments.

Delivery Boy app

Make sure that delivery boy app development comprised of all essential features

Registration and profile editing

Before taking orders delivery boys have to identify themselves via email, phone no or social media accounts.

Remember that we recommend not making registration process compulsory when talking about customer app development. However, when it comes to delivery boys sign up is a must do step before they can actually be validated and get delivery work through app.

Managing orders

Delivery boy must able to see the available orders with specifications and confirm his delivery requests by booking it.

Status update

Delivery boy can update his status as on line /off line to accept or reject the delivery requests.

Admin panel

It’s the key element for business owners. Admin panel is web based app to manage all process such as accepting, editing, setting prices and managing all users in food ordering system.

Managing content

  • Editing restaurant information
  • Adding photos
  • Managing restaurant menus

Managing orders

  • View detailed information of food order
  • Update order status and send notifications to customer and delivery boys
  • Access to list of current orders

Assign orders

Admin panel is the right place to perform manual assignment of food delivery request to delivery boys.

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