How to set up a multi-restaurant food ordering system?

Nov 02, 2021

How to set up a multi-restaurant food ordering system?
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Today technology has revised the world with major advancement in industrial growth. Food delivery industry is one such sector that has crossed innumerable leaps in terms of economic progress and achieved magnified growth. People in the present times have been allured and added dependency towards the online market. The key notion of people for obtaining whole through the internet is the main cause for a breakthrough in online food delivery.  

Restaurants have adapted to modified forms of marketing to stay one step ahead between their competitors. Food delivery through online applications has made it feasible to nurture the sales and foster the firm development.

As known before, many food applications like Swiggy, Foodpanda, UberEats etc are already serving this purpose in the outside market. To provide these better, developers aim to design online delivery management software for the restaurants. Are you the one who is looking for management software but still cannot afford much for technical assistance? Just go ahead, this article is for you.

What is a multi-restaurant management system?

Online food ordering system has recently evolved with new features and functionalities. Software built in the present times for the food delivery industry has extended its platform for the restaurants to manage orders across their various outlets and branches at different locations. This online setup has comforted a broad range of food businesses with ease and brought more convenience in organizing and maintaining their order management system.

Shopurfood provides personalized application software for restaurants based on their requirements. We also assist the businesses when in need of common software for managing multiple restaurants across the same application.

Why do restaurants need multi-restaurant management software?

If a restaurant is planning to elaborate its chains, it is necessary to have self food management software for business maintenance and systematic management. Apart from the usual service, restaurants started investing in food delivery apps to increase their sales value. But to survive among the competitors in the food industry, restaurants should develop the thought of using an advanced tool to promote their business to the next level.

The competitiveness among the restaurants and the need for larger customer support enabled the technical world to develop software for a chain of restaurants performing at multiple locations to efficiently manage the order values and strive towards business growth.

5 Advantages of using multi-restaurant management software

1.   Self-Identity

Instead of using a third party application, restaurants can have their own application software for an effective online food delivery system. This in turn acts as a key to develop web portals and mobile applications as a source of receiving orders. Social media users can access the application through various social media sites like Instagram, Facebook etc via mobile phones and web browsers.

Launching multiple outlets or branches successfully often demands an online promotion in today's era. Improvising the software to the next grade facilitates the management of a multi-restaurant system. It serves as a great way to reach a large group of audience. The application that acts as the channel between the customer and restaurant enables the customer to understand the restaurant better. When a restaurant is able to operate itself, having its own food delivering system obviously stands out from the other restaurants. This helps them to create an identity among other various restaurants and make customers identify the brand easily.

2. Easy accessibility to the customers

In the case of Multi-restaurant food ordering systems, when a customer prefers to choose food through an online app, he or she will opt for the nearest and easily accessible location. Though a restaurant has multiple outlets, the customer might check out the menu for various cuisines, price listings, offers etc in all the available outlets. While these are found to be similar for all the branches, customers may access the restaurant located at a shorter distance. This management software offers a choice for the customer to make a wide range of selection according to their needs.

Sometimes, food users might have faced certain discomforts and issues to order food due to some barriers in food delivery by the restaurants. Launching a food ordering system for multi-restaurants helps to eliminate all the barriers and provides an ease to the customers to order food.

3. Time consumption

Having an online multi-restaurant management system helps the restaurants to manage the orders received from customers. This system not only enables the restaurants to cut down the extra employees to serve the customer base but also a time consuming process. Business owners can save time and manual effort in looking after the delivery processes. The new launch has made everything simpler and hassle free.

4. Less operations

The advanced features in multi-restaurant management software simplify the operations and require less management. The online delivery application provides various user-friendly functionalities that can be easily accessed and operated by the restaurants irrespective of place and time. This system comes with an admin dashboard panel that performs the technical potency behind the app. It aids the delivery market in facile administration of the online food apps.

5. Personalized and customizable options

The restaurants can have personalized menu options which can be customized based on their requirements. The application gives the possibility to add or remove menu options, update the price listings, track day to day activities like number of received and delivered customer orders, generate sales reports etc. New business start-ups looking to mark footprints in the food delivery industry can utilize this platform. Multi-restaurant food delivery systems offer this wide opportunity to the growing entrepreneurs.

Architectural benefits

The new model of multi-restaurant food delivery software is designed with admin panel, customer panel, restaurant panel and delivery panel. The online system is built in such a way that all the panels can access their own page. It provides the user the freedom to select their delivery zone, payment mode etc.

 The restaurants operating in a chain possess the control to decide over the approval or cancellation of orders, opening and closing times, fixing the food price, food preparation time and updation of food ready status etc for all their available branches. This gives users the convenience to pick and order food among all the outlets. Hereafter the food outlets can avoid paying commission to other 3rd party food applications.

Online promotions

Apart from receiving and delivering orders to customers online, restaurants can directly connect to the customers via email. With a huge collective of customer's record in their database, restaurants are able to send email notifications for online promotions and other updates such as new offers and discounts. This enables the customers to avail the offers and make the best use of it after a cumulative research of other food outlets. Food industry uses this marketing tool to empower their business strategies and boost their yield in terms of money.

Scope of online delivery market

It seems impossible for any big multi-restaurant to operate without an online food delivery portal over the years. It has become a challenging action to perform and excel in this platform. More than 60 percent of businesses in the food industry have switched to delivering food online.

Being an entrepreneur, if you notice a radical change in progression with your competitors, it is the best time to analyze that you are lagging behind. It's still not too late to switch over to a seamless online delivery management platform.

Experience our free software demo and enjoy its benefits. Our application software is entirely performance based and equipped with multi-purpose components. Shopurfood is to provide exactly the best automated solution that you want. Grab our online software and transform your firm in a single tap.

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