Top 13 ways to optimize your restaurant menu

Jan 27, 2021

Top 13 ways to optimize your restaurant menu | Shopurfood
restaurant menu optimization ideas for takeaways

In recent times, most home diners prefer meal delivery services to handle in their busy schedules. Also, Food Takeaway options are becoming popular due to social distancing and customer choices.

According to a study "With covid 19 restaurant restrictions 52% of customers prefer Takeaway options than dining out".

If you already own a restaurant business and are thinking of adapting Takeaway options, this is the most profitable time. Provide pickup and delivery options to attract more customers into your business.

Here are a few best ways to optimize your restaurant menu to make the most of the online ordering system.

1. Ensure visually appealing menu cards

In traditional restaurants, attracting customers with your menu is so easy. As the aroma and lively display grab everyone's attention. Whereas in online ordering, only food photographs and displays can help you to grow.

Ensure you provide high-quality images in the menu for each item (preferably 2-3 images) to succeed by visual way of marketing. You can get ideas here to create outstanding menu designs.

2. Write insightful descriptions

In online delivery, your customers don't have chances to enquire from waiters and waitresses. To encourage your customers for ordering, you need to provide clear descriptions of menu items.
This list must have all the ingredients, food restriction details, and allergy precautions. Let your customer place an order without any second thoughts in mind and this increases your brand reputation.

3. Provide food categories

Don't make your hungry customers search longer to find their item. You can divide your menu items like a pro such as starters, mains, desserts, sides, vegetarians, meat, fish, and drinks. These food categories help customers to find what they are looking for easily.

4. Create a Mobile-friendly menu

Nowadays you can't find anyone with mobile phones, as it's crucial for businesses to update mobile-friendly menus. As customers may order their food from different devices, make sure you provide mobile ordering too.

Just keep it simple, you can include short wordings and quality images for easy navigation. Using QR codes and self-serve ordering, customers can access the menu and order from mobile conveniently.

5. Mention your food safety measures

The COVID-19 pandemic made every consumer be vigilant about food safety measures. Allow your customers to know the safety measures you follow while preparing and delivering the food. This helps to ensure confidence in your customer's mind to order safely.

For example, you can mention the hygienic packaging and drivers' precautions like wearing masks to put your brand forward to competitors.

6. Choose your packaging style

The packaging is the key to build a better customer experience in online food ordering. You can consider appropriate packaging that suits the food item's requirements. For example, frozen foods require refrigerants or insulated packaging and baked items need airtight packaging.

Ensure that your food is being delivered at the same consistency from preparation to delivery. Consider implementing these options while optimizing your menu in takeout and delivery.

7. Offer travel-friendly dishes

Your customers will encourage food items that look similar to what they ordered from the menu. For this, you need to choose your dishes that travel well and carry food in shape. You can offer a real-time dining experience at their doors by providing such cuisine items.

8. Focus on menu personalization

Allow your customers to make little tweaks they probably like to add. In dine-in restaurants, customers usually personalize their menu by including or excluding items. Likewise, offer personalization in dine-in ordering such as adding extra cheese in a burger, adding pork or chicken in noodles, etc.

9. Re-create customer experiences

Dine-in restaurants prove to create extraordinary ambiance and offer an exclusive culinary experience to their customers. Whereas in Takeaway, you can recreate such exciting experiences that delight your customers.

For example, you can offer a menu especially for date nights, birthdays, or theme parties. This customized menu will help you to craft customer experiences even better.

10. Offer freebies

Offering freebies can help any type of business to upscale its growth. Surprise your online ordering customers with small freebies to get more positive reviews. For example, in restaurants, you might offer free bread with a starter or chocolate with a bill, do the same in your takeaway business.

11. Pay close attention to every detail

While visiting restaurants, customers will pay close attention even to smaller details. The same will extend to takeout orders, know what you provide to customers. For example, you may provide sauces or extra dips in restaurants, make sure you follow the same with takeout orders as well.

12. Provide delivery and pickup

Some customers will not have time to wait for delivery. In such cases, they will look for an order pick up option. Give choices to your customers and help them to reach you at any time. This proves that order picks up is essential for restaurant takeaway businesses.

13. Reward loyalty and discounts

With every type of eater in mind, offer your meal deals and discounts. This encourages customers to choose your brand over others. For example, you can give combo offers or kids packages that help customer's to choose a deal easily.

Also, make sure you reward loyal customers by offering promo codes or discounts in newsletters. This will build long-term relationships with your potential customers.


Follow these strategies and optimize your online restaurant menu to improve your online presence effectively. This guide can help you to support customers in their entire order journey right from item search to the order now button. Ensure you optimize the restaurant menu appropriately which helps to maximize your sales.

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