8 Brilliant takeaway marketing strategies for 2021

Feb 09, 2021

8 Brilliant takeaway marketing strategies for 2021 | Shopurfood
Restaurant takeaway business marketing ideas

Most of the takeaways businesses set a limit to their marketing strategies. Some of the basic marketing strategies include direct marketing campaigns and advertising in the shop front. The truth is, there are so many effective marketing strategies that every takeaway business must take advantage to boost revenue.

If you are looking for some ideas for restaurant takeaway marketing, this blog is for you! Ensure to follow these ten best takeaway marketing strategies to achieve your business goals in 2021.

1. Engage with your audience using Social media 

Engage customers through social media

Social media is one of the most important online marketing tools. You can never find an alternative to social media and its impact on growth in online businesses. Make sure you have business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms to embrace the power of social media marketing ideas for restaurants. 

You can take advantage of hashtags and emoji icons on social media platforms to promote your business. You can also set your business on the Google My Business page, to get featured in online takeaway search results and drive new customers.

2. Food Photography can boost your Takeaway Instantly 

Food photography to attract customers

Food photography is very popular these days, especially on social platforms like Instagram. You can promote your business with delicious food pictures and allow customers to view them across various social media channels. These images will make customers take action, and drive people into your website immediately.

Creating social media-worthy images is all you need to master, as a result it will make your customers order mouthwatering food. Ensure to present your food items in the most attractive manner, as presentation is the key in food photography.

3. Entice new customers with exclusive deals

Restaurant deals & offers

As takeaway business is very competitive in the current scenario, ensure to stay ahead of your competitors. Keeping all the strategies in mind, you need to promote your business in a more enticing way. For instance, you can offer deals like two for one price, a mega offer for family, free desserts or drinks, or extra discounts, and etc.

4. Plan your email marketing campaigns

create email newsletter for customers

Email marketing is another great marketing platform, there are many tools like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to support businesses. Using this, you can definitely reach more customers by creating a perfect campaign list.

It is important to send emails to the right customers at the right time or else people will unsubscribe from you. Instead of sending random emails, you can offer exclusive deals, coupons, and limited offers via email to your customers. 

5. Make use of eye-catching direct marketing tactics 

Direct restaurant marketing tricks

Most businesses use this strategy as an integral part of promoting their business. In order to reach customers who are not online often, these physical marketing strategies can help you too. For example, you can create attractive leaflets about your menu, offers, discounts, and coupons to engage local customers. 

Many studies prove that physical marketing is also effective as online marketing strategies. You can highlight new add-ons in your restaurant menu. Also, offer discount codes in a simple card or voucher coupons to engage customers with the help of your takeaway ordering system.

6. Providing app can grow your business

Mobile app for food

Know that a simple food ordering process can easily engage more customers in your brand. This is one of the most important strategies to consider in online food ordering businesses. Ensure to provide easy ordering solutions for hungry customers to order from you.

An app is really helpful for takeaway businesses to present attractive restaurant menu and it allows customers to wish list their favorite food for future orders. Remember that providing a convenient and simple ordering process can easily promote your takeaway restaurant.

7. Entice target customers with Interesting content

Creative interesting content for restaurant

The success of marketing is when you reach the target audience in Google searches. For this, you need to improve SEO for your restaurant website. You can publish quality blog articles and reach potential customers consistently.

Creativity can help to win over competitors in all types of businesses. Takeaway businesses are no different from that, you can offer free meals for couples or family exclusively to make them visit you first. If you could drive people's attention to your brand, then social media can do the rest of the things.

8. Take advantage of Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for Restaurants

Have you ever come across a food blogger? You might have seen a lot of food bloggers in Google, sharing their food cravings. Are you thinking, how these "food bloggers" can help you out? Actually, getting promising reviews from these bloggers can change your game.

All you need to do is, find the perfect blogger for your business and ask for honest reviews. You can send free meals, coupons or food gift hampers in exchange for good blog posts, articles, or social media posts from them. Generating more buzz for your online brand is the key to success in takeaway businesses.

Final verdict

To conclude, ensure to set your brand ahead over competitors with unique marketing strategies. For this, you can highlight your business's special offerings such as quality ingredients, vegan options, gluten-free foods, and fast delivery options, etc. Remember, creating brand uniqueness and trust from loyal customers can lead your business to the next level.

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