10 Tips to manage a fleet for food delivery industry

Feb 26, 2021

10 Tips to manage a fleet for food delivery business | Shopurfood
Tips to manage a fleet

Online food ordering businesses experience real-time contact with their customers only via delivery partners. In such cases, maintaining positive feedback with your fleet management is essential for every food delivery business.

To ensure a great customer experience, you must keep your drivers happy. In the long run, you will witness the benefits of having a strong relationship with your customers and delivery riders. This will boost your brand and build positive growth over other restaurant businesses.

Here is a list of the top 10 tips that help to achieve a great customer experience and retain good relationships with your food delivery drivers.

1. Provide high-quality equipment

The packaging is equally important as the quality of your food in delivery businesses. Imagine your food is delivered with broken packaging, nothing is worse than faulty equipment. With the right tools, you can regularly check driver equipment to ensure delivery efficiency.

2. Provide PPE Kits for delivery drivers

The challenges faced by restaurants due to COVID-19 in managing driver and customer safety is breathtaking. In order to deal with it, ensure to provide PPE kits (gloves and masks) for drivers to protect them and maintain your safety standards. This helps to retain your potential customer's again in your brand with confidence in safety.

3. Organise safety checklist for vehicles

To ensure your food delivery drivers and vehicle's safety, this step is very helpful to gain brand value. Try to reach local authorities for free vehicle checks or invest your budget to uplift your business reputation. By organizing your food delivery vehicle cleaning and safety checklist, you are not only ensuring driver's safety but providing on-time food delivery support.

4. Offer Rewards for drivers

Reward programs are a great gesture to appreciate your contributors for their efforts. You can offer exclusive deals to your drivers, or else include the best employee of the month program to celebrate your workers.

5. Promote your brand effective

Showcase your restaurant brand name or logo proudly through your drivers. For this, you can take advantage of printed T-shirts or jackets that portray your brand name while drivers are at work. These uniforms will show off your brand to customers and the community in real-time.

6. Manage Fuel Expenses

Managing fuel costs can be challenging for the Food delivery fleet. With Shopurfood, you can easily reach your fuel consumption and analyze reports to ensure productivity. You can't ignore monitoring fuel consumption in the food delivery fleet management process, so it's important for businesses to integrate powerful technologies to take action.

7. Provide Customer Service

Using the right technologies and software, you can optimize food delivery routes and reach your customers within the provided time. If there's any traffic or any other delay in your driver's route, you can easily redirect them and schedule the nearest vehicle for delivery. This route optimization helps businesses to provide a great customer experience.

8. Stay up to date with Regulations

Keeping your food delivery businesses with proper regulations is important for retaining your brand value. If you're not able to maintain transparency and accountability, then you are more likely to lose your business reputation. You can get a lot of services and software to manage your product safety regulations appropriately.

9. Integrate Geolocation tracking

This is vital for food delivery businesses to manage delivery processes efficiently and ensure the safety of their drivers. Use Shopurfood's mobile app to track location of drivers to deliver products to customer's doorstep directly. By integrating this tracking software, you can deliver to any locations of your customers hassle-free.

10. Enable Tipping options in your website or app

You never know how your workers will get excited to earn for their extra mile. Food delivery work is really tough to handle, extra tips will motivate your drivers to handle crucial tasks every day. With Shopurfood online ordering system, you can enable features like adding tips online to your drivers. This allows you to reward drivers with some extra amount for managing your fleet efficiently.

Final thoughts

Using our inbuilt features and functionalities, keep track of your fleet data and improve your vehicle maintenance efficiently. Evaluate your vehicle information and ensure the safety of your drivers, manage fuel expenses, and offer great customer support.

Trying to fix all the challenges faced by restaurants will improve your overall performance and help to retain your customers for a lifetime.

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