Trends that shape the restaurant business in 2020

Oct 31, 2019

Trends that shape the restaurant business in 2020
restaurant business trends 2020

The world has been automated and so are the restaurants. The food industry is growing at a faster pace every day. Look how far we have come from traditional food ordering, where you have to go directly to a restaurant and wait until the food is being prepared. Sounds tough! Isn't it? With the rise of food ordering platforms, managing restaurants have become a piece of cake. Restaurant owners can effectively manage their business and customers can enjoy the ease of ordering through food ordering platforms.

Ever thought about the advantages of having your own food ordering software? This article will shed light on choosing the right food ordering software along with the future food industrial progressions. Handling the restaurant by reporting the daily transactions, real-time tracking, delivering vital information for a customer, the ease of ordering, efficient control without manpower. Everything is taken care of with the help of a food ordering software.

Insights on food orders in 2020

Digital restaurant orders have 23% growth annually and it is estimated to triple in volume by 2020. In 2020 and beyond, restaurants will spend more on food ordering solutions as most of the consumers will be ordering online. The ease of getting their meals served right to their door or office makes them opt for delivery rather than dining out. The delivery service got tripled since 2016. Expect delivery to continue on the rise. And if your restaurant isn't in the delivery game, then you are seriously missing out on dollars.

Studies show that six out of the ten orders are completed through the mobile app. Restaurant apps or websites will lend by the trend by 70% of the orders, while 30% were completed through third-party apps or other platforms. Third-party restaurant apps will make up to 40% of the 20 most-used apps.

Here are the trends to look out in 2020

Faster Delivery

Food delivery will be faster in the coming years. With the technological advancements and new implementations in the food industry, the delivery speed will speed up compared to the previous years.

Online/Mobile Ordering

About 70% of customers prefer online mobile food ordering. It is pretty convenient for customers to place orders. Orders placed via smartphones and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry and makeup to nearly 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales by 2020. And it is estimated that 61% of the regular diners would prefer online ordering system over walk-ins if the same quality service is maintained. Food ordering through the mobile app or websites has immensely increased and it is expected to grow in the coming years.

Social media

Social media platforms have become a driving force for the restaurant industry. In the coming years, the social media order will have immense growth.

By 2020, 83% of the small food businesses would have their own online presence through websites, mobile apps, and food delivery platforms. Studies say that restaurants get 23-28% more revenue after introducing an online food ordering system and mobile online ordering app.

Evolving Technology

Technology has become the key ingredient for success in the modern food industry. Simply having good food is inadequate today. To find ways to thrive in the global market is equally important. The changes and innovations in technology brought rapid changes in the food industry too. And In the following years, the food industry will witness notable changes. The food ordering system with a mobile app is not an option it has become a necessity for the restaurant businesses.

Want a food ordering system to stay on top of your competitors? What are you waiting for? Know more about the food ordering platform for your business.

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