10 Marketing Ideas to evolve your Restaurant business after COVID19

Yes, I know that your restaurant serves the best food in town. In 2020 and after we recover from the effects of COVID-19, that alone won’t be enough to make your restaurant business reach more people.

In this article, We will take you through some of the key marketing steps to be taken to make your restaurant business the most happening one in 2020 after we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The presence over social media

Nothing can engage your customers more than an attractive social media presence. This is because nowadays people spend the bulk of their time online and therefore having a well sorted out social media presence is very important.

  • Use attractive call to action buttons, video marketing, and creative templates.

This is so because the call to actions will redirect customers to your online ordering platforms.
Videos are 5 times more effective than static content and therefore its relevance. You can use videos to share your recipe for famous dishes. The coverage of your restaurant on special occasions can also be included in your video section. Also, make sure that your social media page has wonderful creatives to make your audiences awe-stricken. This will definitely help in conversions.

  • Top social media sites your restaurant should be listed in

Your restaurant should definitely have an attractive presence in at least these four social media sites which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok.

These four platforms have had a huge impact on people and are the most popular among the public and including your brand into them would be the ideal way to state your social media presence

Loyalty programs

Restaurant loyalty programs are one of the great ways to market your restaurant. It is nothing but the process of providing a reward for your repeated customers. You can plan your loyalty programs in many ways but here are two ways which I have found very attractive

  • Referral rewards – Give special perks to customers who refer your restaurant to their friends and relatives.
  • The positive reviews that your customers put forth, you can recommend them to share it on their social media handles so that your restaurant will be noticed by their friends and relatives. In return, you can offer them some attractive offers

Email Marketing

SMS and Email campaigns are a great way to reach more customers. You can do this by sending attractive Emails and SMS on topical offers, sending “order now” SMS just one to two hours before meals. In email and SMS campaigns it is very important to make sure that your message is very attractive and catchy

Listing Online

Listing your business on popular websites like Google is very important. Also, some high authority websites help you to reach more audiences by allowing you to post your reviews, ratings, testimonials, pictures, etc. These sites include Google My Business, Linkedin Company Directory, Bing, Yelp, Hubspot, Yellow pages, Yahoo Local, Facebook, etc. These business directories are assisting customers to find bars, restaurants, or any local businesses. The business details like reviews, photos, logo, business location, and other pieces of information are posted on local listing sites. So that the customers can find the details by searching for the business name. Using business directories like Yelp marketing for restaurants can be useful in the digital age.

Ads Online

Paid ads are a great way to give your restaurant the right launch online. It helps you to target your brand to a streamlined customer base and to get direct traffic. You can also showcase your special offers and discounts through these ads. Creating ads with high visual and low content can be a great way to market your restaurant through paid ads

Maintaining up to date blogs

Blogs can keep your target audience informed about your restaurant and also is an effective way to increase your visibility on the internet. Before you post informative blogs, however, it’s important to make sure that your content is free from spelling and grammatical errors

Don’t ignore the importance of an food ordering app

An online food ordering app is a very important measure to be taken as part of your online restaurant marketing strategy.

An online ordering app helps to get direct orders which eliminates the commission factor. It also helps to retain customers and provide a good branding and advertising for your restaurant

Once you are ready to launch your own app, make sure that it is available in iOS, Android and Windows stores. Your app should also have sign up and login details option with good content, visuals to connect with your customers seamlessly

Interact with people

Plan online campaigns and activities that involve people and build extra connections which helps in growing your restaurant brand. People love stories and you can bring storytellers or communities together to share their experience to give your business a human touch. Indulge in group activities. Encourage the winners to invite their friends for contests/ campaigns etc and expand your customer base

Make digital menus up to date

Nowadays customers go through digital menus before they order. Therefore mismatch in your digital menu and what you actually serve at the restaurant can tarnish your reputation. Therefore make sure that you update your digital menus and keep it well designed for ease of customer navigation.

Social listening

Through social listening, you can address and improve your services to a large extent. By this, you can easily get an idea of the public sentiment over your restaurant and take measures to work on it. This is very important as most of your customers are from the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc and listening to them will improve your restaurant marketing strategy.

We hope our article has come in handy to you in improving your restaurant marketing ideas after the pandemic. By following the above guidelines and providing good service you can be rest assured of a restaurant business quite blooming in 2020.