What happens when you leave the Just Eat partnership?

Apr 10, 2021

What happens when you leave the Just Eat partnership? | Shopurfood
What happen when leave justeat

As a restaurant owner, it's simple to start a big food portal. But reality strikes when you need to gain users and invest a lot of marketing budget for it. Imagine, if you have to pay commissions for every user in your online ordering platform. It's really hard right? When you look into portals like Just Eat, sometimes it's like building an ordering system without a client base.

Most food businesses find it challenging to work with a food aggregator or marketplace. To be honest, for every new customer, you have to give up Just Eat two things such as:

  • A certain percentage of your revenue.
  • The ability to build a relationship with your customers.

Almost you can lose 35% of your revenue and at times you may work for nothing. Then, you may lose your relationship with customers, which ultimately breaks down all your efforts. In layman terms, here's what happens when you partner with such companies:

They take full charge of all your customers. It's more like you just handed all your potential customers to Just Eat or Deliveroo. Most times, they charge additional costs and drive your own customers back to you. You can't have direct control over your customers and no longer use direct marketing campaigns to connect with them.

  • Your brand is no more unique and may get hidden behind your competitors. Actually, these customers were sent by your brand to the app.

First, you need to understand that, if you're an established brand and looking to expand your online presence. This is not the right place, as it breaks apart your existing customers and drains your revenue predominantly.

What does Just Eat charge?

When you use platforms like Just Eat, they tend to take half of your total revenue every month! To join Just Eat, businesses have to pay Euro Pound 699 (+VAT) initially. And, for every order, they charge 14% (+VAT) and an additional amount for admin features.

Few important features you're missing out on Just Eat

Manage your menu

Creating a food ordering website and apps allows customers to order from your brand directly. Users can create their accounts and save favorites to buy instantly. You get all these perks without any additional expenses.

Drive more sales

These platforms not only charge more commissions, but it fails to reward your loyal customers. Using your own mobile apps, you get opportunities to serve your potential customers better.

Match your branding

You get full freedom to design your delivery marketplace with an attractive color scheme and design. With Shopurfood, you can customize websites and apps that match your brand image.

Use push notifications

Push notifications are one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers in real-time. You can supercharge your restaurant operations by sending notifications about order status, new offers, or menu items to customers.

Here's what Just Eat customers experienced!

According to recent research, consumers prefer ordering their food items from brands directly. By engaging with customers, you get opportunities to grow your business and build long-term customer relationships. Let's hear from one of the Just Eat customers to get their real insights. When a restaurant chain decided to build its own ordering platform leaving Just Eat. They got 61% more revenue across their sales within a short time. Also, they saw a huge increase in the number of direct ordering and phone orders.

What Just Eat alternatives are there?

With Shopurfood, you can create your own food ordering software for both iOS and Android without any coding knowledge. Having your own food delivery app is a great investment and the best Just Eat alternative.

Bottom Line

Not only one customer of Just Eat has faced such situations, but most of the brands that rely on food aggregators end up losing their profits. That's why it's ideal to create your own food ordering marketplace and reach customers directly. In this process, you get a high chance to expand your online presence and increase sales.

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